BBFC: Dominic Paddled OTK

BBFC: Dominic Paddled OTK

A request for Dominic to be paddled OTK. It’s a great position to see him in as it shows off his butt really well.




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Taking a good set on the trousers he soon has to drop them and take another set on the tight white underwear.



These really do show him off well and the sound of the paddle landing on a nice muscular butt through them is just perfect.



A final bare ass paddling and its job done, not that Dominic is that impressed with the way things have gone. A super request clip .




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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

What more fantastic start to the week could BBFC give us than young Dominic getting a spanking with that very serviceable paddle, laid over the knee?

If I could lift this skelpable scamp out of a photo and lay him across my knee for a good smacked bottom, how I would! My word! His bum looks so phenomenally pert in those faded blue jeans – probably the most smackable I’ve seen him in trousers! I think the main reason for that, aside from him being bent over at a very favourable angle for discipline is that he has his jeans properly pulled up instead of them sagging halfway down his backside!

But, and it is, I’m sad to say, a BIG but, he would have been given a pair of coloured underpants to wear instead of those white pants! The saving grace is that they are briefs, for me the optimum style of underpants to frame a young lad’s bottom for punishment! And if any boy can wear white briefs really spankably, it surely is Dominic! And the camera moves in at some amazing angles to show off those superbly rounded buttocks to sheer blissful perfection!

I think we all love that cheeky way Dominic has of looking round to see what is happening to his bottom! It gives us the chance o keep an eye on how he’s responding to his punishment! He manages not to cry out, but the effects of a good smacked arse definitely show in his face, to say nothing of the warm pink glow around his very bare, hairless bum!

Keep bending, Dominic!