BBFC: Dimitri Deals with Danny

BBFC: Dimitri Deals with Danny

Danny is never far from trouble and never far from a spanking. He is one of those lads that never learns, never takes the time to reflect and mend his ways. So he seems to find himself looking at the carpet more often than he wants.



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Dimitri is a man who does not tolerate to much in the way of misbehaviour and he has his hands full with Danny. Over the knee is the best way to deal with him, or any lad, and that’s just what Danny gets. he might look good in baggy shorts but they have to go and his dark underwear show off his cute little butt well.


Danny sqirms and tries to protect his rear but its no good and soon he is getting a bare ass spanking to finish things off.



One very subdued Danny leaves the room at the end.

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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

Speaking as one who by Danny’s age was all too familiar with the pattern on the dining-room carpet from the vantage point of my guardian’s knee, I was amused to read the introduction to this lusciously spanky clip! So Danny is spanked more than he would like, eh?! Well there’s a simple answer to that, Danny, my lad! But whether or not these smacked bottoms you keep getting will ever get that through to you seems to me to be a very moot point indeed! They don’t seem to be doing a lot so far, not that I would want it any other way!

One of the arguments the no-smacking brigade use against spanking as a form of discipline is that it doesn’t work. Well, that all depends what you mean. I would be the first to agree that corporal punishment absolutely isn’t a deterrent to naughty behaviour – if it was, no boy would ever get his bottom smacked, or at least he’d be spanked fairly rarely, But that isn’t the reason for laying on a spanking when a boy has been naughty, no sir! The reason you smack his bottom is that it is the appropriate punishment for his wayward behaviour – it is sheer retribution and as such is clearly effective in young Danny’s case! His very vocal responses to being physically disciplined show that a spanking is a serious ordeal to him! You would wonder why he doesn’t get it into his head that there is no need for him to keep going through that humiliation of being laid over the knee or bent over like a naughty schoolboy and having his backside tanned with a variety of pain-giving Weapons of Ass Destruction! But he never seems to! Maybe the poor lad just can’t help himself – there have been plenty of wayward youths of my acquaintance who seem to have this problem, no matter what the attempts to whip them into submission!

Thin shorts and then the best choice of punishment underpants from Danny’s pants-drawer that I think I’ve seen him wearing since that video where he was laid oveer the knee to be smacked on a pair of royal-blue briefs when Paul was the lucky man to discipline him! The blue boxer-briefs that he is wearing in this clip are exactly the right length for punishment, a phenomenally spankable shade of blue, and have a lovely sheen that perfectly complements the extraordinary pertness of Danny’s cheeky little bum. The camera moves in several times to the perfect angle for making the very most of those perky buttocks!

Dimitri, as we well know, and Danny can testify from severe experience, is a hard bottom-smacker and his strong arm and hardness of hand are evident in the pink glow that suffuses Danny’s very bare behind and that says ‘this is going to smart for a good while!’ Which is absolutely as it should be! That last smack across the bare arse as Danny is sent off to nurse his bruised ego and burning bottom has a humiliating quality all of its own to this boy who has tried valiantly to defend his flaming hindquarters, to no avail, and had the additional pain and humbling punishment of having his ear pulled more than once – a regular refinement to BBFC spankings that never fails to make me wince – knowing as I did as a youngster exactly how it felt! OWW! It hurts – and for a long time afterwards! The pain can be there still some time after your bum has cooled down!

Let’s just take a look at those vital staistics:

Reports on the shorts 206
Smacks on the daks* 156
Bare-bottom spanks 154

* Australian slang for underpants

As I reach the end of this little comment, I do so in the certain knowledge that it won’t be the last one I write about our Danny! And long may that state of affairs continue!