BBFC: Danny is Late

BBFC: Danny is Late

Paul is seriously unhappy that Danny is late, so angry in fact he drops a few F bombs in there.

Danny has no choice here despite his protests but to go OTK and get a good spanking with the paddle.


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Paul wields the paddle well and even on his trousers Danny knows this is going to hurt. After his trousers come down he gets some great swats on the underwear.








The bare ass paddling is the cherry on the cake and Danny’s butt is glowing nicely. A super paddling for the surly Danny



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Dr van Spanking
5 years ago

WOW! OWW!! Oh, ye gods and angels of Spankers’ Heaven!!! Which is exactly where I thought I’d gone this morning when I tuned into BBFC and saw one of the paradise’s twinkiest, most spankable angel lads being well and truly disciplined!

“What right,” I thought, “has any boy’s bottom to be that cheeky and smackable?!” One can imagine the gods moulding Danny’s boyish physique, lovingly crafting those impertinent buttocks for the express purpose of being spanked! And just how impossibly pert do they become as Danny is laid over the knee at such a beautifully favourable angle for smacking, curving those impudent globes to perfection! Thanks to a skilful cameraman, too, who knows what angles to film from to show that well-rounded bum at its spankable best!

Two things I love about Danny: 1) that he really knows how to dress for corporal punishment! The faded, well-worn dark-grey jeans combined with my absolute favourite spankingwear – royal-blue briefs – is such a boner-maker, it ’kin HURTS! 2) You can always see the waistband of his underpants while he is being smacked, which for me is a massive turn-on! I love a contrasting designer waistband that leaves me filled with cock-teasing anticipation about what colour underpants a boy is wearing and then delighting hugely if I find out I’m right! PHWOOAARRR!!!

I don’t know what other spankfans feel, but Danny seems to be maturing in his ability to take his punishment more like a man. The first couple of times we saw him disciplined, he whimpered at each spank! Not so here. Paul is a severe and thorough bottom-smacker and his approach to punishing naughty lads looks much like my own – give it to them hot and heavy, because there’s not much point in a spanking if it doesn’t hurt! And the paddle is a fearsome instrument of punishment that can truly BURN the buttocks – even through trousers and a pair of underpants! Though Danny’s struggling as Paul administers a hard, thoroughly smacked bottom tells you plenty about how he’s smarting under his punishment, it is not until he has to take his briefs down and receive the paddle across his bare behind that his response to the severity of the strict discipline that Paul is laying on actually becomes more vocal. Perhaps that is a sign that those cheeky hindquarters are toughening up!

There is something quite affectionate about that final light smack across the backside Paul gives Danny as, pants and jeans pulled up, he walks away, looking as shamefaced as a boy his age ought to after a good spanking! And the affection is indeed well placed – after all, we wouldn’t smack our boys’ bottoms if we didn’t love them, now would we?!