Sting Raw: Tone It Down At Home


Tone It Down At Home


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Following on from the first part of the story ‘Tone It Down’ on the Sting Pictures website, where Robin Palmer plays a student at college who managed to annoy the Principal with his flippant behaviour… Things are about to get worse for Robin!

Robin now finds his Step Dad waiting and very unhappy after receiving a phone call from his Principal…

Robin now faces a good hard spanking

Starting on his jeans and eventually finishing on his already painful red bottom! If he cant learn at college he certainly will at home!


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2 Responses to Sting Raw: Tone It Down At Home

  1. ROBIN….alwas ROBIN…he is the most sexy young boy in this plece.
    Please tell him I am in love and I would like that he send me an e-mail.
    That will be WANDERFUL for me.


  2. Avatar harry_dogbreath
    harry_dogbreath says:

    Nice looking guy – boy that butt finishes up red!!!!