BBFC: Danny – He Knew

BBFC: Danny – He Knew

Just looking at Danny when he comes in you know he is guilty and he deserves the spanking he is due. His shoulders are sagging and his head is down, a very guilty looking young man.


Dimitri bends him over the table and sets about spanking the guilt out of him.


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Wear shorts is OK but they get in the way and after a few swats they are gone. Danny is wearing bright green underwear that fit well and show off his cute little butt well.




He needs and gets a bare ass spanking and it seems to have done the trick as when he leaves the room he is a very different looking Danny to the one that came in.





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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

What a great start to the weekend – or end to the week this was (depending how you look at these things) – yet again seeing our Danny getting a good smacked bottom with Dimitri’s hard and unyielding hand!

As the boy comes into the room, his hang-dog look says everything – he knows he is in for it, big time, as Dimitri is clearly not happy with him. I don’t understand Czech, but I don’t thinK you need to to know what Dimitri is indicating he has in mind for the hapless Danny!

Whichever position Danny is spanked in, whether it’s being bent over a table or desk or being laid over the knee, he always looks fantastic! He radiates spankability – his whole physique shrieks to the highest realms of Spankers’ Heaven, “SMACK MY BOTTOM!” and Dimitri, as he forcibly bends the boy over the table, leaving him in no doubt what he is in for, very clearly needs no second invitation! We get several tantalising glimpses of what awaits us under those spankably-patterned camouflage shorts – first of all, the waistband of Danny’s coloured underpants and then the odd sight of the seat of them through the tear in the seat of Danny’s shorts – I’m pretty sure the latter is a first for BBFC!

Our Danny has always been among the more vocal of the lads when it comes to reacting to being disciplined – there is none of say, Philip’s stoicism about his getting a smacked bum! As usual, he whimpers and gasps his way through the three stages of his punishment, trying to protect his pert, hairless bottom from the stinging attentions of Dimitri’s hand at one point – as always with any of the boys, to no avail! His boxer-briefs are as ever, the perfect length to frame his well-rounded buttocks for smacking and they are delightfully garish – I think the brightest selection of spankingwear yet from an obviously well-stocked pants-drawer! There is a nice warm glow to the lad’s bottom as Dimitri pulls Danny’s briefs down for the final bare-arsed stage of the spanking! The way he is more or less thrown out of the room, struggling to pull his knix up over his smarting red arse as he scurries off down the hallway, is a mega-turn-on in itself! Like I said about young Petr in an earlier post, let’s hope it isn’t long before we see our naughty boy coming back through that door again, hangdog look and all!

I have not reported the vital statistics for a little while, so here we go:

Sharp reports on the shorts 218
Smacks on the dacks* 192
Bare-bottom smacks 191

One of the longer hand-spankings I’ve seen Dimitr administer to a boy! Well, let’s face it – it must be a job to stop when you have a youngster with a bottom like Danny’s bending over to be smacked – knowing that he will continue to stay there until you have finished tanning his backside! I’m not sure I would know where to bring the punishment to an end! And I most definitely wouldn’t want to, haha!

* An Australian slang-word for underpants – adds a whole new dimension to the expression ‘down under’, doesn’t it?!