BBFC: Conrad Washing Up

BBFC: Conrad Washing Up

Arriving home from work and finding a mess is never a good thing. But finding a mess that some one was tasked to clean up many hours ago is just too much.


Calling in the lazy Conrad and telling him it is not OK to lazy around all day the lad has to bend over the sink and look at the washing up he should have done instead of being lazy.


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A good warm up on the jeans is followed by spanking on the underwear.



Not to miss out the final part of the lesson he gets a bare ass spanking to get the point home. A final warning to clean up and a make a cup of tea sees him find out laziness has a price .



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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

Whenever we haven’t see a BBFC lad for a little while, I find I have forgotten how spankable he is, and young Conrad has become no less so for his absence, especially in those grey jeans.

I am a firm believer that a lazy boy needs to be very strictly dealt with and it is clear that Tony agrees with me! A good smacked bottom follows and Conrad is left in no doubt whatever that this sort of behaviour just won’t do! And as he pulls his trousers up when his well-deserved punishment is finally over, he does give the impression that he has learned his lesson! However, we’ll wait and see on that one, as always! There’s part of me that is ever hopeful that, no matter how strictly a lad has been disciplined, he’ll relapse and be back for more – especially when he has such a pert bottom and such a generally spankable physique as Conrad!

Just a final thought, for a laugh – how gay are those pink briefs!!!