BBFC: Bohdan Butt Up

BBFC: Bohdan Butt Up

Dimitri has to deal with the ever naughty Bohdan, it’s a regular occurrence and the man’s patience is wearing thin. The lad comes in and goes over the raised leg and gets what’s coming.


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Black jeans and dark blue boxers are a good mix to start the spanking off and Dimitri is the man to do it. Black jeans make any lad look good and tight boxers have the same effect, dark colours really show off the curves of a guys butt.







Bohdan has a super little ass for a bare ass spanking and Dimitri never misses a chance to spank him, and its safe to say he will be back for more.





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

What a treat for Boxing Day!

Young Bodhan has definitely grown on me – I’ve got to be honest and say I wasn’t too sure about him at first, I guess mainly because his bottom wasn’t as prominent or well-rounded as some of the other BBFC boys’ very smackable backsides! However, Bodhan seems just to get more spankable with every clip we see him in and this one definitely ticks all the Doc’s boxes (yes, boxes, not boxers)! We have, to start with, Bodham bent over the elevated knee – the best of both worlds, as I think I have said before, because he is well and truly bent over, but in that most humiliating of positions for an older boy, bent over the knee! Close-fitting, nicely worn black trousers give way to a perfect pair of punishment underpants – great shade of darkish blue, contrasting colour waistband and good and short to frame the lad’s bum beautifully for a spanking! Especially when Dimitri tightens the briefs, which can send a whole lot of delicious sensations coursing through a boy’s lower regions – particularly if he has become hard during his punishment! That’s when lads begin to appreciate that there is so much more to spanking than the sheer pain of a series of smacks on the bottom!

Bodhan’s vocal responses to being smacked intensify as the spanking progresses through the usual three stages – it is evidently true that discipline across the bare bottom hurts more than smacking over trousers and / or a pair of underpants! Also the lad clearly finds ear-pulling agonising and doesn’t look as though he’s finding his position over Dimitri’s knee easy to hold onto either! I will say he is lucky in one respect and that is that he is being disciplined by a spanker who is remarkably tolerant of his attempts to relieve the smarting in his bottom! Certainly Bodhan would not find me so easy going in this regard if he was across my knee! A single attempt to ease the discomfort in his flaming bum would result in extra spanks!

The final seconds of this video are a massive turn-on, with Dimitri getting in two more sharp slaps across Bodhan’s bare arse and yet another with his pants and trousers pulled up! I love the way Bodhan scuttles away, clearly realising that it is the only way to bring the smacking completely to a close!

What are the chances of seeing Bodhan in a naughty schoolboy scenario, with him bent over for corporal punishment in school uniform?