BBFC: Andel Never Learns

BBFC: Andel Never Learns

Kiran has been waiting for Andel for quite a while and he is not happy.

Just as he checks his watch Andel comes in, he has a surprised look on his face when he is questioned over his lateness.

He has no excuses and finds himself led by the ear into his room where he is thrown on the bed.


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Kiran takes up the ping pong bat and sets about paddling the tardy lad. With Andel laying on the bed Kiran has the target area laid out before him perfectly in place for spanking.




Going from jeans to boxers and then bare ass Kiran pays the paddle on well and Andel is learning a lesson in time keeping, another lesson I should say, lets hope this lesson is one he remembers .



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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Peer spanking! I adore it! One of my biggest turn-ons! It makes me think that once things are back to normal, I must get one or two of my naughty boys to spank each other more – I’m missing out on some wonderful entertainment that would be so easy to organise! And I know from chats with them in the past that some of them would be up for it (‘up’ being the operative word, haha!)!

And when the boy getting his bottom smacked is the phenomenally spankable Andel, I could sit and watch clips of two or three times the length of these fantastic offerings! This lad’s physique could have been constructed in Spankers’ Heaven – his whole being shrieks aloud to its highest realms to be smacked good and HARD!

The combination of light-blue, very close-fitting jeans and short navy-blue boxer-briefs (my second-favourite colour for spankingwear!) is just the cat’s ass! The wonder is that Kiran can actually manage to stop spanking him! If I once got started on young Andel myself, I really don’t know how I could bring things to an end! I think we’d have to be physically prised apart to get him straightened up from over my knee! And though he looks fantastic bending over or laid across the bed to be punished, I would have to lay him over my knee to discipline him! It would be the only position for me that would do justice to the pertness and smackableness of that superbly rounded bum!

A few words for young Kiran, who has the makings of a super spanker! He clearly knows the value of the humiliating and deeply agonising pain of ear-pulling as he leads Andel into the bedroom to be laid across the bed for a good smacked bottom! And his face is perfectly suited to the demeanour of a strict disciplinarian! One thing, though and I have mentioned it before – in fact I thought the second time we watched him punishing Andel that he had cured himself of it. It’s that tendency to administer a little pat on Andel’s bottom in between laying on proper, hard disciplinary smacks! Maybe it’s just me and if it is I apologise because I think it’s fair to say that I’m not one to criticise or complain. And of course, I’m all for letting a boy develop his own spanking style. But I’ll just have to come straight out and say that I find this way of Kiran’s rather irritating and it slows down the spanking. Would somebody please be able to mention it to him, because if he can conquer the patting, he will develop a spanking style that will be very exciting to watch – it’s definitely getting there!

I have suggested that perhaps at some future point, we might see the worm turn and see Andel just get fed up with Kiran spanking him and lay the little scamp over his own knee! I realise that this, of course, might limit scope for future films because it would make it difficult for Kiran to credibly spank Andel again – though there would undoubtedly be some mileagae in Andel giving Kiran a few good hidings! Another suggestion might be Andel feeling that Kiran is being a bit of a bully with him and calling in, say, Dimitri in the role of an avenging uncle – an avenging angel from Spankers’ Heaven – who would lay Kiran over his knee and spank him in front of Andel! that could result in Kiran actually hardening his heart and determining to discipline Andel more severely than ever when he feels the boy needs to be brought back into line – perhaps the cane might even come out! Just a thought…