BBFC: Adrian Caught

BBFC: Adrian Caught
After his spanking last time Adrian was not happy, he thought it was wrong to spank him. He has a real attitude while acting very surly.


Throwing away the work he was given he finds himself caught and confronted about it all. This time he gets a spanking to make sure he knows what is expected of him.


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He looks as though he is regretting being so surly as his rear gets a spanking. This time is seems that he has got the message.


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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

If there’s one thing I can’t abide in a boy, it’s attitude – especially a surly attitude! And it’s quite clear that young Adrian has this issue in large measure!

So what do you do about it? Well, there’s only one thing you can do. You make him bend over and you smack his bottom hard, until every vestige of the attitude is well and truly spanked out of him! And that is exactly what Tony proceeds to do with Adrian! I was interested to read that the boy thought he shouldn’t have had a spanking the last time he was disciplined. I’ve come across that sort of nonsense with young lads before If they could only see that they are being punished for their own good! The reason we smack their bottoms is because we care about their conduct and their welfare!

We have what is always a winning combination for me, and that is black trousers and airforce-blue briefs (particularly appropriate on Battle of Britain Day, haha!). Airforce-blue underpants are always slightly poignant for me as I was wearing pants that colour on my first visit to my headmaster’s office to bend over the desk for the cane. I got off lightly, I guess, with four hard strokes of the rattan rod across my bottom! And similarly, I think young Adrian has got off lightly by just getting his bum smacked with Tony’s hand! He can probably, too, be grateful for being allowed the slightly less undignified position of being bent over the desk! I reckon that if his bad attitude and sulky behaviour persist, then the next time he gets smacked he should be laid over the knee! I find it’s amazing how much a boy’s attitude alters the second he has to bend over the knee – it usually starts to happen before he has even had a single smack!

Adrian always seems contrite after he has been smacked – which shows what a load of rubbish is peddled by the no-smacking brigade about how spanking doesn’t work! Again, this time, it does look as though this naughty lad has learned his lesson – as I’ve observed on previous occasions, I hope his next lapse isn’t too long in coming!