College Boy Spanking: Mate’s Punishment

Mate’s Punishment

Mito has always had hot dreams about his roommate who is straight, and he has a thing for his shirts that gets him horny. One day while at home alone, he finds Johnny’s shirts on the bed and taking advantage of his absence, takes the opportunity to masturbate with them.

Unfortunately for him Johnny comes back from work early and finds him in the act. He is furious and decides to spank Mito with his belt and by hand. Returning home their master hearing noise coming from the room and sees that Johnny is spanking Mito, albeit with a good reason.


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The master feels his authority has been usurped, and angrily tells Johnny to finish the job, but that afterwards both of them are expected downstairs for a subsequent punishment. After the spanking Johnny starts masturbating Mito with the same shirts, Mito is shamed through it all but actually cums. The Master also punishes both of them by belt and hand.

Also while lying on table with the whip for Johnny. Mate also has a turn at masturbating Johnny with the shirts.

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1 year ago

Looks so hot.

1 year ago

This is so weird I’m actually scared.