Back To School : At Bottom Line

Back To School (Part 1 – Hand and Slipper)

After over a year of online classes, many students have forgotten the rules of being in school. Aiden Kim and Carlos Summers find themselves written up and having to go see the Headmaster.


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To be Continued …..

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One Response to Back To School : At Bottom Line

  1. Carlos could have kicked himself crimson-coned, if headmaster Hector wasn’t doing such a bloody-better job at tender-tanning that thrashable-teen-tail-target, for believing his Chinese mate Aiden, who took it on an elder cousin’s authority, that this boarding prep school would give them optimal preparation to get into a good college on a scholarship, with ‘easier conditions then home’, so they got enrolled, without realizing the Confucian uncle condemns his kids quasi-constantly to crushingly-cruel corporal correction -commonly cane cuts, contritely counted-aloud- on countless counts and in case of doubt, hence his standard of ‘soft sanctions’ is still savagely severe, so this ‘softy school’ is sadly stricter then the spanking-scared scoundrel students stupidly supposed.
    Although both knaves are deeply disappointed by these doses of dire derriere-discipline they didn’t dreading-expect, both are actually amply acquainted with appropriate-attrition-assuring abject-adolescent-arse-ablaze-agonizing attribute-application to their anal areas, able to accept this about as at-home, ace-aching as almost-always. Alas, at their previous school, sound staff spankings simply stopped their stern sufferance stat, only bad grades shifted the spanking home, here hurtful hidings, harshly heating their helpless hard-hand-handled handful-heinies hell-hot are highlighted in school agendas, requiring weekly parental signatures, guaranteeing at least the same all over next ‘woodshed weekend’, usually even worse to “remind the rotten rascals who’s boss over boss” by bis-battering the black-and-blue-beaten bareballs-bawling-brat-butts blazingly blistered by belt and birch.
    Hearing about their hurtful hinies on Mondays, headmaster Hector happily had their home-fronts confirm the custom of corroborative corporal correction, and convinced them to co-sign a codicil conferring a complementary counterpart: the castigated kids carry a complete CP-weekend-record from home to headmaster, who copies the copious cuts-count on Wednesday, competently keeping their cruelly-criss-cross-crimson-cuts-covered cur-cones crushingly-contrition-conduced the complementary week-half.