Amateur Spanking Boys: A Good Punishment for Scott

A good punishment for Scott

When Master arrives, Scott is lying naked on his bed and begs his Master to be punished as he deserves. Master starts caning the poor boy with vigorous lashes and sound spankings, making the young man suffer as he is worthy of. To Scott’s bitter surprise, Master takes a horse riding whip, like those used by jockeys when racing horses and uses it relentlessly against the boy’s buttocks before spanking them with a heavy hand.


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Back on the bed and lying on his back, Scott needs to keep his legs raised and spread while he offers his open and exposed asshole for Master’s treatment: a series of ruthless hand spanks on the buttocks, alternated to precise cane slashes on the young man’s sensitive asshole. The ordeal is not yet over as Master brings back the horse riding whip: Scott is still on the bed, lying on his back with his legs raised and spread, offering his butthole and buttocks to Master’s ruthless punishment, that ends with his signature sound hand spanks.

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