Piano piece 2: At Bottom Line

Piano Piece 2

Aiden has been hired by Alex’s parents to tutor the country boy in classical piano. Alex prefers “improvising” when playing the piano however, and soon runs afoul of his classicist tutor.


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Piano Piece 2


Title 2257


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13 days ago

Alex’s farm-raised father made his fast, family-first fortune in the big city, selling an agricultural app to big tech, and hastily moved back to the country, in a new but Classicist villa on the ancestral and much more newly-bought farmland turned private park, to give his smart, sadly ‘semi-sissyfied’ son the same solid, stern education Sir got as Dixie farm-boy, only the best variant new money can buy, without spoiling him by stupidly sparing this ravishing rascal the righteous rod of rural-style rigid rearing to rapidly rectify his runaway ‘relaxing’. So Alex transferred from his softy city-school to the Scottish-rooted traditionally-though town-school, where each towering, thundering teacher takes the two-tail-tawse to a trembling teen’s trouserless tail thornily time and time again to teach them total tractability by time-honoured techniques of tush-trashing to true tears, twice-as though trashed too thereafter at home for lots of lackluster lads like Alex, whose ‘laird father’ doubles at least each CP school staff recorded in the red-raw-reared rascal’s red book, laying on wood and/or lash on the bare-balls bent-over bulging-boyhood-beheld brat’s behind ‘barn-style’, frequently for faults and flaws, in front of family, farm-staff, friends … as well. It gets great results in two school terms: his adolescent attitude already went from wayward over ‘whimpy’ to worshipful, his grade-average from B+ over A- to A+, he learned backtalk only brings-on bloody bis-burdens to his blistered-burning bare brat-behind.
Realizing this fine education fit for a high society future is painfully lacking crucial culture, firm farm-raised father hired a strict tutor to civilize his hitlist-rubbish-listening rascal by healthily-hard-hitting hottie-hiney-hidings to proper piano-repertoire player from teen-taste honkey-tonk to heavenly high-art and hellish howling having his helplessly-heightened-hurdies heathenishly-hard-handled to hastily help him to heaven-sounds. Alex had already been given a keyboard to start practicing from a manual, but(t) the tutor detests this ‘modern junk’ as haughtily as the ‘rustic redneck rowdy repertoire’, and wrongly blames Alex for the tacky taste in choosing such class-contrary ‘contraption’.
Classically conservatory-trained, Confucian-customary-copiously-cones-castigated Classical tutor Kim is completely confident cruelly-criss-cross-crimson-cuts-covering can convert the clueless country kid to a Classical keyboard-knowledgeable class-act, keen to crossly curse him klutz or contrary to Classical competition and command him completely clothless to carefully castigate his cutie-cones as copiously as competently in compelling complete compliance.
Accompanying the anatomically-angelic adolescent’s awful ‘asinine act’ with a steady stream of spanking and successive stripping to suitable-starkers-student-state, Kim quickly spots the ruffian rascal’s raw talent, ready to be remarkably refined with a relentless regime of red-raw-rebel-rear-ravaging rod-rides, commencing the ‘crude’ composition-compliance by copious caning, covering the crying kid’s coverless cones in cruelly-criss-crossed cuts consistently, craftily controlling his keys-crafts-control.
Proud of the plentiful pianistic preparation per pantess-puerile-posterior-pink-to-pain-purple-pounding, purposefully producing peeking performance-precision, the pitiless preceptor properly-proudly progresses to the perfectionist part, painstakingly prodding per purple-paining punishment-stick, on the opulent ornamentation by ongoing obediently-offered-orbs-ordeals.
Poor Alex has prayed for his posterior-pained piano-pieces-playing-progress to be past-time as perfectly-precise performer, only to learn his proudly-pleased pa has pitilessly permitted the preceptor to proceed to a prolific program of plenty of ‘pianistic permutations’, practising all-over to learn to play in subtly-specific styles associated with an almost-endless list of composers and arrangers, each encounter entailing excruciating eerily-exposed exercises ending after endless-feeling utterly-unbearable upendings every time Aiden gets himself booked for as-many-as-it-takes more weekends or holidays turned by the terrifying tutor for treats into terrible teen-tail-torments, time and time again thornily tush-tormented to true tears to turn tunes to teacher’s taste, his two twink-tails twisted to the torturous tutor’s tormenting toy-boy-toying-tune.
Only now, Alex learns that he is Aiden’s all-time favourite piano pupil, not because of his pianistic potential or proud pa paying the pitiless preceptor pretty pennies for his perpetually-pained pup’s pleasing piano-player-progress, but(t) because of awkward appreciation of adorable adolescent Alex’s angelic anatomy, allegedly ‘asking for abundant attributes to anal area applying arse agony‘, and plain paternal permission to prep, prod and posterior-pain-punish the puerile pupil-puppy to preceptorial paternalistic pleasure. Just when Alex feels -along his about-always-afire arse- that renders his foreseeably-fanny-flailable freetime-future fully flogging-frenzy-nightmarish, seeking campus-alternatives to avoid home, hence his hated harsh-handed merciless music maestro, it dawns that his toy-tail is his rising rescue, as the giddy genital groping he hardly paid attention to, too tense trembling about tush-torment-threats, strangely satisfies strict Sir similarly to the sadist-streak-suiting stripped-seat-scarlet-spankings, unlike pa who always focusses fully on flailing filial fanny frightfully-forcefully, but(t) like his bucolic uncle, who often strangely gave less swats than told after tactile-toying with his twink-tackle, so he learned to present his private-parts prominently-privacy-privated and pray pretty-please for precise penitent-position-perfecting by penis-pinching and ‘private punishment’, proven to pleasure his pervy punisher plenty for petty pain for the pup, who permutes into a perky pupil of public-pleasing piano pieces and prohibited private pleasuring per privacy-privation.