East Europe Boys Updates (Part 2 of 2)

TONY MILAK (part 1)

The day after having welcomed him home and back from school, the master wants to continue a good spanking training, and sends Tony to the kitchen to take the wooden spoon. Resigned to his destiny, Tony returns to the master with the wooden spoon, which received the instrument, lowers Tony’s trousers and pulling him by the ear bends over his legs and proceeds to a good spanking, both on the boxers and on the naked buttocks. Then, after stripping naked, the master asks him to take the deck of playing cards and explains the draw for the card, to continue with a good spanking.



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RICK PALMER (part 2)
The master still not satisfied proceeds to starts giving him yet another painful bastinado on the soles of his bare feet, this time with a riding crop. The punishment is extremely painful for Rick. Also, while in this extremely vulnerable position he receives an even more painful and humiliating whipping and hand spanking delivered on his exposed and sensitive asshole.

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