Adapted Spanking Toons by Mark (Part Two of Two)

Here is the second set of Mark’s excellent adapted Spanking Toons, which achieve the goal of being both funny and sexy, which in my view is the apex of erotica (when the butt of the joke is a handsome bare bottomed guy!!)

Hiker’s Hot Hine

Plea Bargaining

Prophylactic Adjustment

Spousal Training

Studio Shellacking

Warehouse Walloping

Click here to view part One

NOTE A bonus treat for F/M fans will be posted tomorrow

NB: when I posted part one, I mistakenly implied these images were AI enhanced, however, Mark tels me he doesn’t use AI

You can enjoy more of Mark’s fantasy art Here

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  2. Even better than the first round! These drawings are perfection. They’re some of my favorite m/m spanking drawings ever. Love these. More please! Thank you so much for the work and for posting.