Adapted Spanking Toons by Mark (Part One of Two)

The latest contribution from the excellent artist Mark is a fabulous set of adapted images, based on the work of the straight world artist Espec 22.  I know you are going to love these creations.

Academic Attitude Adjustment

Academic Attitude Adjustment

Tropical Tanning Session

Bunkhouse Blisterin’

Deep Space Spanking

Dude Ranch Rump Roasting

Part Two will be posted tomorrow

Meanwhile, you can enjoy more of Mark’s fantasy art Here

2 Responses to Adapted Spanking Toons by Mark (Part One of Two)

  1. These are SO great. Thank you so much for creating these images, Mark. And for posting them. I love that the guys getting spanked have their legs in the air. So hot. And the “costumes” are sexy, too. There are a lot of m/f f/m spanking artists and the guys in the drawings are often really sexy. What a dream to see some of them in m/m drawings. More please! Thanks a million.

  2. Great Job! my favorite is the piano teacher, and yes, I feel it for sure!!!