Spanking Army Boys: 0230 Army – Lukas Cil

0230 Army – Lukas Cil.

Before embarking on an exercise, Lukas, a fresh-faced recruit, reports to his non-commissioned officer who decides to administer a thorough training spanking to the young soldier, introducing him to the cane. Aware there’s no escape, he courageously undresses, offering his smooth, pristine buttocks; the cane strikes first, followed by hand spanks on his buttocks and even his exposed asshole.



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It’s a lesson in discipline that Lukas won’t soon forget. The scene unfolds as the non-commissioned officer retrieves a leather paddle, positioning the young soldier on his back atop the table, with legs raised and spread—an uncomfortable and humiliating stance, yet ideal for the disciplinary action about to unfold. The NCO then instructs the soldier to stand up and place his heavy backpack beneath the table, so that the NCO sit on the table, with the soldier’s backpack under his feet while the soldier lies on Marshal’s lap.

Young Lukas endures another round of paddling and hand spanking, upon his buttocks and exposed asshole. Once the NCO deems the punishment sufficient, the soldier may dress, hoist his heavy training pack, and salute – prepared to embark on his assigned mission.


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