Academy Discipline :On the Spot – At Bottom Line

Academy Discipline: On The Spot

Cadets Aiden, Alex and Marc are still struggling with poor times for running. Lt. Diego is having none of it this time and decides to punish them on the spot. When Lt. Riley comes across the scene he remembers an outdoor punishment of his own during his time as a cadet from Commander Palaiologos.


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Academy Discipline: On The Spot


Title 2257

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9 months ago

As Latino lad (chico), ruthlessly ranch-raised right to relentless respect and rigidly-required results, ranch-hand turned recruit-cadet Diego learned long ago, the hard way -by hard-hand-handled hardwood and harder-still leather lashes, lava-lividly hitting his helplessly-heightened humblehound-hurdies heathenishly-hell-hot, horribly-harshly yet heavenly-helpfully- and practiced profusely by properly pink-to-pain-purple pounding his puerile puisne-kin’s perfectly-perilously-presented-pantless-posteriors during plentiful paternal professional absences, the key to crucially compelling currish kids to complete compliance and consistently-corrected-conduct is systematically, soundly hitting their soft spot: savagely-severely spanking the shivering squirts’ stripped sit-spot sorely-sorry, scores of stern-scarlet-smashing swats at spanking sessions for the slightest sin, literally giving as good to his kid charges as he got from his high and harsh father, a frightfully-firm and forceful farm-foreman, as fond of full-force-frockless-flagellation for firing-fearful farmhands as fondling fortunate filial fannies and fair flogger-fun for filial faults and flaws, his firstborn being fondled for forcefully flailing fledglings in father’s fearsome fashion.
Thus model cadet Diego took admirably to absolutely-abject-adolescent-arses-appropriately-attributes-agonizing academy discipline, getting good grades, great results when given charges as cadet captain, crimson-colouring their clothless cones copiously on countless counts, continuing after graduation given his first assignment as sublieutenant to the very academy, evidently so eminently experienced at eerily-exposed-endurance to be elders-envied, especially by his superior Riley, a bumbling buffoon at bidding brat-boys balls-bared for B-behaviour-bountifully-bettering bare-behind-black-and-blue-beating and bright-beet-red-blistering. Knavish cadets in danger of expulsion are appropriately assigned to Diego as duly-dreaded, duty-devoted defrocked-devilkin-derriere-disciplinarian, desperately deserving of dire daily dacks-down due-deserts, finding in his frightfully-firm fair flailing-finesse the fearsome father-figure that fatally failed as their fathers are failures, far-away or funeral-finalized.
Riley regretfully remembers the commodore copiously castigated his clothless cadet-cones crimson to lesser avail, French always remained a just-past-the-post underachiever graduating as war victim legacy, without actual ambition or ample aptitude, assigned to the academy after all ship- or base-postings ended in fuck-up failure, senior Sir recognizing Diego as a natural -nicely not naively too nice- naked-nates-needy-naughty-knaves-nurturer to his terrific trouserless-twink-tails-tormentor-taste, hence stepping in to blissfully-bail the barely-by-the-book brat-butts-and-ball-baring in the brook beyond base-borders by copy-continuing the crimson-castigating CP in person, covering Diego’s trespassing teen-tail-torment-trip, as nobody can now blame his honest mistake without taking on the commodore, whom the navy-retired brook-owner reveres.
The knaves may thus get double their deserved dose today, making sure they stay in Diego’s care saves their bacon in the long run, and his good influence already shaped them enough to take it not just like a man, but(t) with pride to be posterior-punished by the primary in proper person, perceiving their practically-perfectly-performance-prepping preceptor practice-praised as properly-pitiless pain-punisher.