In Memoriam : Cliff Meador


January 20, 1957 – January 8, 2023

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The world of male-spanking suffered a loss recently, with the passing of Cliff Meador, the owner of Spanking Central video productions. Starting in 1993 in Palm Springs, Cliff (or “Cliffboy” as he was known at the time) began a mail-order company that specialized in designing and building spanking equipment that he called “The House of Correction.” Included in his product line were a selection of paddles, leather straps and a variety of bondage devices. After relocating to Fresno California, in 2003 he opened a video production company where he planned to feature both male and female spanking scenarios. When Spanking Central first opened, he offered a catalog of ten videos that were available on DVD, or by membership for $12 a month. He set a goal of offering one new video every week,abandoning the idea of using female models and specializing in exclusively male content.

In addition to directing the videos, Cliff appeared in almost all of them as the sole top. Artistically shot and edited, in an interview, he once described his productions as “a dramatization of a spanking” and “theatrics,” rather than real discipline. In 2008, he stopped offering DVD’s for sale, making his films available only by membership. In addition to the featured videos, Cliff also maintained a regular video blog, updating the members on his current activities, his models, and occasional rants about video piracy or other political issues In February of 2019, Cliff announced that he was ceasing production of new films, although he would allow the website to stay open as long as it paid for itself. By that time, he had produced an impressive catalog of 745 spanking videos. Cliff unexpectedly passed away on Sunday, January 8th at the age of 65. The website, is still available, although it is unknown just how long it will remain active.

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  1. Avatar Mark Fleischman
    Mark Fleischman says:

    Cliff will be missed. Although, his legacy still lives on at the current moment at SpankingCentral. I visited his website many times in the past. I liked it just fine.

  2. Oh, that is a sad piece of news.
    I corresponded with Cliff a few times which was not always easy.
    He provided some great films and excellent models.


  3. Avatar hisroyalheinie
    hisroyalheinie says:

    Cliff was arguably the most important and influential American to produce, create, and distribute male-male spanking videos. His personal diaries and behind-the-scenes videos showed a person who had enormous humor, warmth, and wisdom. We must make every effort to preserve his oeuvre for future generations.

  4. Although his content may not have been fully to my tastes he had some great ideas with the camera work especially in the opening on his movies where he’d show close-up shots of the models feet etc almost no other spanking studio thinks to cover this fetish with spanking and his model Chase was a personal favourite of mine.

    RIP. 💐

  5. So sad to hear Cliff has passed. What he created at SpankingCentral is truly unique. His legacy will last as long as a M/M spanking community exists. I had corresponded a number of times with Cliff when I was getting BLS started. He always was happy to share his insights and provide advice from his decades of experience as a producer and webmaster.

  6. Avatar Adam Forrester
    Adam Forrester says:

    Wow. That is a blow! And so young. I have spent many hundreds of hours with Cliff’s videos. We spoke on the phone a few times about various aspects of his work. He was always affable and more than willing to discuss it with me. His videos just continue to get better as they age. He assembled what is essentially a paean to youth and youthful Spankees and ultimately a monument to his calling…his life’s work. Taken as a whole, it is a great body of work. Many of his videos were instant classics and remain classics in the genre, the oeuvre, to this very day. Cliff had a son. I hope he can keep the site (Spanking Central) going for future generations of Spanking aficionados. It would be the best way to honor Cliff and his (one hopes enduring) legacy. RIP, Cliff, RIP.

    • I can’t find anything about Cliff other than an obituary online. I wanted to express how sorry I am and how shocked I am. I wonder if there’s a way to make a small donation or if they need help with anything.

  7. Avatar Richard O'Shea
    Richard O'Shea says:

    Cliff put a lot of technical effort on to creating good visual and audio product. Even in the somewhat small world of spanking films he cared about set and design and producing films that had that little bit of extra quality. His work and style connected with the viewer, drawing them intimately and closely in to the on screen thrills they really wanted to see. He’s left a legacy to the spanking world well worth watching for years to come.

  8. Cliff was a living legend. Now he will be remembered forever as the leading US artist of tasteful spanking videos. He was a perceptive buddy for his beautiful young models. I am stunned and very sad. R.I.P.

  9. Very sad news. I was a long-term fan of his work, which, as others have said, was peerless.

    • Avatar Bastinado Boy
      Bastinado Boy says:

      I just tried to buy a membership at spankingcentral and there is no longer any way to so on the website. Hopefully whoever is in charge will open it up to new members. Cliff did an outstanding job. He made so many memorable spanking videos with Chris, Eddie, Seth Ty, Chase and so many young Californians. Someone should buy the site so everything is preserved and can be enjoyed by all in the future.

  10. This is very sad! Cliff was a great guy and made some great content! He will be missed.

  11. Rest in peace, Cliff. You will be missed

  12. I vividly remember how excited I was when the site first opened, as well as the thrill every week of waiting for new videos to appear. I corresponded with Cliff several times, and he was always friendly and responsive. This is a real loss. For me, he will always symbolize an exciting time when thanks to the internet men who loved spanking other men felt liberated and the imagination and creativity unleashed by that sense of liberation were truly amazing. There will never be another like him.

  13. This is really sad to hear. Cliff’s videos and SpankingCentral were excellent, he really was a legend. RIP

  14. Oh this is such sad news! Cliff made videos that were very much to my liking – and was such a kind man. A huge loss for our community. Agree with others – we must now preserve his legacy through his beautiful site. I think I’ll make a backup of the site, just in case. And on the back of another loss to the community last year too 😞

  15. I talked to him for a few months, and I recently sent him an email. I thought about him just an hour ago, wondering why he’s not returned my email. I’m shocked and sad to hear this. He had a private life and didn’t have social media as far as I know. I’m so sorry he’s gone.

  16. Very sad to hear about his death. I was a subscriber who regularly emailed him. He was always prompt and courteous – and he operated, hands down, the best spanking site out there.

    His last message to me was Jan 5, and he died 3 days later.

    I still don’t know what happened. Does anybody here know what happened to him?

    • I cannot find any information about him other than obviously what we’d talk about over email. The obituary for him online is vague and impersonal. I think he had Facebook at one point but I don’t know.

  17. I think the number of comments about Cliff and his amazing site speak for themselves! Another sad loss to the interne spanking community.
    RIP, Cliff.

  18. I corresponded with him too early on. He was delightful, fun, I loved seeing him spanked. Was he still with his Daddy?

  19. It sadly looks like the site has gone down now… possibly permanently.

    Very sad news indeed.

    • There have been no direct debits for the site taken from my account since January, so it looks like that’s the case. I seem to remember Cliff saying he had steps in place to provide for just such an eventuality, so this may be what’s happening.

  20. Cliff’s given name was Clifton, not “Cliffton.” And before “Cliffboy,” he was known as Cuffboy.

  21. It seems the site is down for good. He will be missed by many. He was a very nice man.

  22. I’m very saddened to hear of this, I hadn’t spoken with Cliff in years but he will always have a special place in my heart. I was always so proud of him when he started his computer store and then when he started his website, I got to see a lot of the first videos he produced and it brought back a lot of memories. I met Cliff back in ’95 when I was just a shy 18 year old living in Oregon and we soon became instantly connected. I will never forget my 19th birthday when he tied me down and gave me 19 spankings (and 1 to grow on). I moved up to Seattle with him and we lived together until the summer of ’97 when I had to move back to Oregon for family stuff. Cliff introduced me to so much, he insisted if I was ever going to do anything in the world of BDSM, that I was going to do it right. He trained me well and taught me a lot about control, limits, tools, and procedures. While I haven’t always had many opportunities to keep up on my skills over the years, I never forgot how to properly turn an ass purple and every sub I have come in contact with has always been very impressed; I owe all of that and so much more to Cliff, he will be truly missed. RIP