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  • Sting – The Locker Room

    The latest boy bottom spanking sensation by Sting is The Locker Room staring Dexter, Rowan Hunter, Christian Corvin and new Sting lad Simon Clay.

    There’s larceny in the locker room and something’s got to be done about it.!
    It all started with the attempted theft of the Head Boy’s (Simon Clay) mobile phone by a light fingered younger student, Paul Williams (Christian Corvin). Caught in the act, the Head Boy decided to exact his own revenge and give him a damn good spanking there and then. Paul yells out as the Head Boy slaps his up turned bottom hard then whips down his underpants and continues relentlessly on the lad’s fast reddening bare backside…….

    All this yelling and commotion doesn’t go unnoticed and soon the Deputy Head arrives to investigate this vocal mayhem! Seeing that the Head Boy has taken this unauthorized action he intercedes and regains control of the situation. Now Paul is over the Deputy Heads knee for daring to pilfer the Head Boy’s phone….. 

     This is quickly followed up with a good strapping the make sure the lad understands that stealing will not be tolerated. Paul bucks and yelps loudly as the strap sharply licks his already sore and burning bare cheeks! ….

    However, now none too pleased with the Head Boy’s initial reaction he too finds himself spread across the Masters knee for a sound spanking. There’s only room for one disciplinarian in the place and it’s not going to be the Head Boy!…..

    Later that day in the locker room another student (Rowan Hunter) also tries a bit of skulduggery and this time makes off with the PT masters phone. However, the PT head (Dexter) is hot on his heels and drags him back to his office. Soon the lad is tasting the same medicine ……

    a good hard spanking on the bare bottom this time followed by his trusty gym slipper. The lad’s bare bottom is soon glowing red and sore but that’s not the end of it…..

     Out comes the PT master’s short but whippy cane to finish the job. Each cut is like the sting of a wasp and it’ll be sometime before this young student decides to get light fingered again! 

    Exhausted from his disciplinary duties the PT Master is asleep when the Headmaster strides in. He needs to ask some searching question about a few glaring irregularities in the department’s accounts. It’s certainly not looking good for the young PT Master. If he doesn’t want to lose his job there’s always another way to sort it, similar but certainly harder for him than the boys who stole from The Locker Room!…….
    Dexter’s magnificent round, firm, jock-strap framed bottom is then soundly slippered and caned while filmed from every angle …. and in glorious close up!



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  • New From Sting – Army Cadets 2 – Back in the barracks

    The Latest release from Sting is “Army Cadets 2 – Back in the Barracks” – Directed by Jonathan Fox

    Things are getting slack with A company of the 12th Cadet Field Cavalry Regiment and the Colonel is determined to sharpen things up. There’s nothing like a bit of stern military discipline to liven up the lack-luster attitude of lazy military cadets. After having a word with Captain Harper it’s Colour Sergeant York who takes up the initiative and begins by dealing with Cadet Cooper (Justin Kingsley).

     Using a very traditional method, firstly it’s an OTK spanking followed by one of the regiment’s most popular instruments of persuasion, the riding crop! Pretty quickly this young stallion begins to buck his ideas up!
     The Corporals run the sections and after a poor barrack room inspection Cpl Smith decides he too should follow the example of the Colour Sgt. Cadet Brown (Johnny Stone) and Cadet Hewitson (Lucas Brown) are both in for punishment and they too soon find themselves over the Corporals knee

     With the vaulting horse already on hand from the gym he swiftly follows the spanking with a stiff army style caning. Very soon although not yet NCO’s they both have many red livid and burning stripes of their own! Although the Corporals maintain discipline sometimes they too get idle in their duties.
    Captain Harper has one such Corporal in his sights, Corporal Slater! To wake up his ideas he decides to give Slater (Dexter) a harsh dose of the leather tawse. The heavy stinging leather soon gets the message across and Cpl Slater’s bare backside now glows red in testament to the efficiency of the tawse.
    Annoyed that he has been singled out Slater immediately proceeds to his sections barrack room to induce some discipline in to the two cadets who have caused him so much pain. Cadet Collins (Damien Drake) and Cadet Carter (Rowan Hunter) are now in for some butt reddening over the knee discipline followed a by a leather strapping face down on their bunks, applied with relish by the now not so happy Corporal Slater.

    Things are getting back to normal and all round the barracks the echoing sounds of stiff punishments can be heard! Army cadets 2, are certainly Back In Barracks.

    Video Trailer

    Alternatively, for the next week, a full size version of the free video trailer can be downloaded from here.

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  • New Sting Download – Sports Report

    Sports Report is the latest download from Sting and features three short stories – plus a little extra sexual content following requests from fans.

    Carlos Fenandez plays a truant who gets worked over by PE Master Dexter
    Providing some oral pleasure!
    New actor Rafael plays one of to misbehaving brothers
    While Rico plays the other
    Rowan Hunter and Brandon Junior

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  • Sting Raw – the 8th Commandment – High Quality Images

    Earlier in the week I posted some screen grabs from the new Sting Raw release The 8th Commandment, however, here are some high quality images, so you can see the action right up close.



    Sting Raw – The 8th Commandment download

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  • Sting Raw – the 8th Commandment – Pictures

    Here are some pictures from “Sting Raw – The 8th Commandment” to go with the link I posted earlier this week.

    In this latest Sting Raw episode we go back to college. The Headmaster at Howard hall has finally had enough of renegade 6th formers Winslow and Robinson. Never a pair to miss an opportunity they had borrowed the bursars car on finding that he had accidentally left the keys in the ignition. Winslow (Sebastian) and Robinson (Rowan Hunter) had some serious explaining to do especially as they had managed to damage a fender during their unauthorised take and drive jaunt.

    Stealing a car like this is no small matter and the Head means to make an example to the other senior boys at Howard Hall. So without a do for Winslow and Robinson’s to be a good spanking followed by two dozen and one cuts of the rattan punishment cane laid on by the deputy head. Perhaps afterwards sorely reminded by their burning backsides the two lads will become a lot more familiar with The 8th Commandment, Thou shall not steal!



    Sting Raw – The 8th Commandment download

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  • Coming Soon – Sting Raw 2 “The Eighth Commandment”

    The next Sting Raw production, due for release shortly is “The Eighth Commandment” staring Sebastian and Rowan Hunter who pay the penalty for breaking the commandment “Though Shalt not Steal!”

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  • Sting’s latest Download – St Datchet’s Academy – the Epilogue

    The new Sting download “St Datchet’s Academy – The Epilogue” complete the story of Tales from St Datchets Academy. In the original story (also on DVD) the final reckoning had come for the lads at Debden Hall, Nick Frazer and Mike Dawson. Frazer receiving a hard birching from his housemaster while his cohort Dawson was made to look on and witness the spectacle. In this new story (The epilogue) the prefects at St Datchets, Christian Weaver (Brett Stevens) and Paul Harrington (James) also get their comeuppance for their own illegal trading activities associated with Frazer and Dawson. Weaver is willing to accept his guilt and takes a hard caning of which he painfully calls and counts out every stroke! Harrington the ringleader doesn’t want to come so easily but is forced by the new housemaster Dr Barton, now transferred from Debden Hall, to take his well deserved punishment a birching with the famed St Datchets brush birch laid on by Mr James the PE head.

    The final reckoning had come for Weaver and Harrington but others too where feeling the sting of firm discipline. New PE master Mr Medek (Dexter) was dealing out his own form of punishment to two inseparable offenders Simmons (Sebastian) and Roberts (Rowan Hunter). Good hard over the knee spankings followed by the slipper and a burning touch the toes caning was this fit young PE masters recipe to cure bad behaviour. Another student, Andrew Peterson (Ginger) is keeping Mr Gregory busy with his tuck shop raiding exploits resulting in a night time slippering over the gym horse.

    New master Mr Jeffries (Jamie) also crosses swords with young Peterson who soon finds himself across his knee! New prefects are being made up and one Macalister (Barry) is getting his punishment giving skills in order. His spanking of 5th former James Mitchell (Alistair Cole) seems to be a good start but laying on a good caning is another matter! Joe Templeton (Matt Mills) has managed to rub Deputy Head Alan Harrison up the wrong way again and is summoned to the hall for a birching. The padre ever watchful for transgressors deals with both Charlie (Vex) and Chinese student Lee, his heaving pounding hand bringing a sharp sting to the boy’s defenceless bare bottoms. All in all for the wayward Students it’s a red raw and painful run up to the end chapter of St Datchets Academy: The Epilogue.

    Joe Templeton (Matt Mills) nervously awaits his birching

    Czech Sting lad Alistair tastes the cane

    Whilst Rowan and Sebastian make the acquaintance of the new PE Master

    Those who remember the scene in St. Datchet’s Academy where Weaver (Brett) and Harrington (James) bully poor little David, will enjoy seeing them get their comeuppance. Here Weaver gets 24 strokes of the cane, all on his bare behind.

    In previously unreleased footage shot in the UK Peterson (Ginger) takes a slippering from Mr. Gregory (Rob) and later a hand spanking from one time Sting Lad Jamie playing Mr Jeffries.

    Harrington (James) meets Dr. Barton