Sting – The Locker Room

The latest boy bottom spanking sensation by Sting is The Locker Room staring Dexter, Rowan Hunter, Christian Corvin and new Sting lad Simon Clay.

There’s larceny in the locker room and something’s got to be done about it.!
It all started with the attempted theft of the Head Boy’s (Simon Clay) mobile phone by a light fingered younger student, Paul Williams (Christian Corvin). Caught in the act, the Head Boy decided to exact his own revenge and give him a damn good spanking there and then. Paul yells out as the Head Boy slaps his up turned bottom hard then whips down his underpants and continues relentlessly on the lad’s fast reddening bare backside…….

All this yelling and commotion doesn’t go unnoticed and soon the Deputy Head arrives to investigate this vocal mayhem! Seeing that the Head Boy has taken this unauthorized action he intercedes and regains control of the situation. Now Paul is over the Deputy Heads knee for daring to pilfer the Head Boy’s phone….. 

 This is quickly followed up with a good strapping the make sure the lad understands that stealing will not be tolerated. Paul bucks and yelps loudly as the strap sharply licks his already sore and burning bare cheeks! ….

However, now none too pleased with the Head Boy’s initial reaction he too finds himself spread across the Masters knee for a sound spanking. There’s only room for one disciplinarian in the place and it’s not going to be the Head Boy!…..

Later that day in the locker room another student (Rowan Hunter) also tries a bit of skulduggery and this time makes off with the PT masters phone. However, the PT head (Dexter) is hot on his heels and drags him back to his office. Soon the lad is tasting the same medicine ……

a good hard spanking on the bare bottom this time followed by his trusty gym slipper. The lad’s bare bottom is soon glowing red and sore but that’s not the end of it…..

 Out comes the PT master’s short but whippy cane to finish the job. Each cut is like the sting of a wasp and it’ll be sometime before this young student decides to get light fingered again! 

Exhausted from his disciplinary duties the PT Master is asleep when the Headmaster strides in. He needs to ask some searching question about a few glaring irregularities in the department’s accounts. It’s certainly not looking good for the young PT Master. If he doesn’t want to lose his job there’s always another way to sort it, similar but certainly harder for him than the boys who stole from The Locker Room!…….
Dexter’s magnificent round, firm, jock-strap framed bottom is then soundly slippered and caned while filmed from every angle …. and in glorious close up!



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5 Responses to Sting – The Locker Room

  1. excellent

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    really liked this one!

  3. Avatar Christopher Luke (aka Clansmanchris)
    Christopher Luke (aka Clansmanchris) says:

    Great scenario … believe me if the new PT Master was ever to teach me, he would certainly command my attention – and possibly even cause my usually slothful little member to stand to attention – particularly if he was wearing shorts rather than those hated jogging bottoms but, there again, I readily accept that only boyz wear (or should wear) shorts and masters do not; in which case I am now in a quandary as to whether I would prefer to be a boy over the new PT Master’s knee or the Bossman (Headmaster/Principal) so I can spank him myself!

    For some PT-related spanking stories see my stories “Anyone For Tennis?”, “Bart’s Story: My Application and Assessment for the Sixth-Form”, “Mistaken Identity” and “Spank Me Sir” on under my pseudonym Clansmanchris.

  4. Well, I don’t suppose it gets any better, apart from costumed context and perhaps more original tush-torture-techniques such as figueging and birching, then these darn-delicious dispondently-divested-darling-disciplinees, Dexter most of all, being perfect for both (a rare combination!) suffering and striking sizzling-submissively-stripped-stripling-subject-stern-scarlet-striping-sanctions, and the new boy seems to have all it takes to be sting lad as long as his bottom is duly scolded, stripped and strokes-serially-subdued Sting-sightly!

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Dexter’s delightful