Update on the JockSpank Archive

As I announced in a posting yesterday, as the result of action taken against me, without prior warning, by Google a large section of the JockSpank archive has been destroyed. This has directly impacted the thousands of people, mostly gay men, who enjoy this content.

So far, Google has refused to uphold my appeal against their action. I will have to decide what affect this will have on the future of JockSpank.

However, in the meantime I would like to make the following personal declaration


Google have unfairly alleged that I have breached their Terms of Service

I herewith declare that I have never breached the spirit or letter of Google’s TOS

In GOOD FAITH I set up a Gay interest adult blog JockSpank in 2008, behind an adult content warning, as was specifically allowed by Google’s Rules in 2008

I have never monetized the blog, or made so made so much as a cent from the blog.

Whilst this was still permitted by Blogger rules I linked to commercial sites for the benefit of visitors but did not act as an agent for those sites and I was NOT financially compensated by them

My blog was a service to members of the gay community who share my interests, in the same way as a film review site might be, nothing else.

After Blogger changed the rules regarding commercial adult content, I ceased posting any commercial content to the Blogger blog, and, at the considerable personal expense to Bruce and myself, set up a separate website, which remains entirely free to visitors at www.jock-spank.com

Since then I have only posted non-commercial posing pictures and art-work to the original Blogger Blog.

I have, therefore, complied with Google TOS at all stages and to claim otherwise is calamity and slander

Ward Coleman

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1 year ago


I just read your post on what Google has done to the JockSpank archives. I see that they have disabled your e-mail account as well. We truly live in a world controlled by corporate bullies. If it is of any help, I have all of the material that I have sent to you over the years archived. Let me know if and how you would like me to send it to you.

My condolences.