UK Age Verification Requirements

The age verification provisions of the UK Digital Economy Act 2017 come into effect in April of this year, and will have significant ramifications on adult internet usage for UK citizens.

As from April, UK users will be required to provide proof of age before they are able to access adult web sites. How they will go about this has not yet been fully confirmed, but as we understand it UK users should be able to obtain an age verification certificate (or similar) from a government approved source. However, the details of this are not yet very clear, and we will provide more information regarding how verification can be obtained in due course.

Adult websites will be required to set up a verification process so that only those UK users who have verified their ages can access their content.

After initially indicating that blogs and free sites like JockSpank and Feel the Sting would be exempt, it now appears that we will be impacted after all.

We are looking at various age verification options, but at present everything seems to be quite expensive, which is a problem, as JockSpank and Feel the Sting do not generate income. However, I am confident we will find a solution.

This legislation will not effect, users outside the UK. However, as it will effect UK users visiting all international adult sites, UK users may wish to explore the possibility of obtaining a VPN.

As stated, the final details are not yet clear, and we will provide further information in due course.

2 Responses to UK Age Verification Requirements

  1. I find that very frightening: Big Brother is watching! With a traceable ID, whoever (government agencies) will be able to track you on the internet; most likely you’ll be unaware of them doing so. Here in the U.S. I believe it would create an enormous civil liberties uproar and rightfully so. Its understandable to limit adult content to adults, but please be aware of what is happening with this and protect yourselves.

    • Some may say you are right to find this frightening. European governments are becoming increasingly totalitarian. Many believe that this latest legislation is less about child protection than it is about the authorities wishing to control and monitor what people do.