Training4Boys: Roman SK. In the Mirror

Roman SK. In the Mirror

Roman is a new student who has asked Master for hospitality. But before Master accepts him in, he’ll have to prove that he can handle Master’s training. The following day, Roman shows up with the tools he has chosen, which is already a good sign: the boy declares he’s willing to stay and prove himself ready for whatever is coming. So he’s made first strip naked, before being flogged with a double leather strap and spanked by hand.

Roman is visibly shaking with fear but he is ready for the next sequence of ass paddling with a mid size leather paddle followed by another dose of hand spanking, given on already aching buttocks and in the middle of them. Master raises the intensity of the spanking to a higher level, making it more entertaining for himself and much more painful for the young man, who seems to be accepting it willingly but only to satisfy his Master. Poor Roman gets spanked with a two-flap leather strap and then by hand, both on his already sore buttocks and in the middle of them.


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