Thrashed for his Insolence

It’s Christmas at theMagic Spanking Factory, and Jonathon’s generous father has gone out into the snow, especially to buy a Christmas tree. However, when he returns, he finds that young Jonathon is far from brimming over with festive good will, especially when he informs the sulky lad that he will have to decorate the tree!.

After much persuasion, the moody youngster starts decorating the tree but, being too lazy to put much pride or effort into his work, the result does not meet with his fathers approval. Yet, when that same firm but devoted father orders him to re-do it the ungrateful boy refuses, insisting he does not have time.

Father is well practised in dealing with that sort of insolence, and within moments Jonathon is bending over the table his pert young bottom, protected only by the tight, contour hugging shorts his parent makes him wear, raised with quivering reluctance to meet the sting of the cane. 

 And, meet that cane it does!

 A vigorous and justly deserved whacking ensues, as Jonathon is progressively divested of more and more of his already minimal clothing. First his shirt is removed, revealing his svelte but athletic torso, and then from first being caned across the seat of his shorts, the naughty boy eventually has only his tight white pants to protect him from the relentless cane, until at last the final vestige of dignity is stripped away as his bare, pink and well stung bottom is exposed to the thrashing.

 Stinging and bare

As a final humiliation, Jonathon must stand naked before the, now beautifully decorated, tree, before he allowed to hurry towards the nearest source of relief for his punished behind, the first icy cold snow of winter, which he desperately rubs into his burning red bottom.

However, as the young rascal discovers, when cheeks are so toasty and warm the snow melts more quickly than the sting!

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30 Responses to Thrashed for his Insolence

  1. I think bad Christmas decorating is a silly excuse for such a harsh punishment.

    I hope the heating was on in the house, not very realistic for Jonathan to be wearing shorts during winter.

    Jonathan has a mole on his lower back, I think, I hope he gets it checked out. He is looking very brown although it is winter.

    • Hi luckily that isn’t a mole on Jonathon’s back, the poor lad scratched himself on a nail.

    • There are very strict rules in this house and it is realistic for Jonathon to be wearing shorts.
      He goes to school therefore he is dressed as a schoolboy.
      I could have put him in an eskimo costume….. 🙂

  2. What happened to the Magic Spanking Factory blog?

    • The Magic Spanking Factory blog was taken down for a while following an attempt to blackmail one of the young actors. It will hopefully return at some stage.

  3. ¡Que alegria poder disfrutar de este bello niño Jonathon .es un verdadero presente de navidad!
    …pero es idea mía o lo veo cada vez mas delgado y en este capitulo “algo”apagadito???
    ¡¡Realmente espero que se encuentre bien,tanto de salud como de ánimos!!

  4. Eww no them shorts are awful. My god it’s so nasty yuk I’m sorry Magic but here in the uk I’ve never seen a guy where shorts like that to school. Therefor isn’t realistic – Luke
    Ps I didn’t write the first comment.

    NO BABY NO – Nicole Scherzinger

    • I normally do not answer Anonymous negative comments as I think as a rule it is somebody just being rather childish.
      Anyway, the film was not set in the UK. So it’s not important if you ever saw anybody wearing shorts like that when you went to school. (and judging by your spelling you didn’t attend school for any length of time anyway)

      The shorts that Jonathon are wearing in the clip were actually bought in a shop in the middle of Glasgow so somebody must be wearing them. Please note also that it was a perfectly normal school uniform shop. The clip went to the number one position in less than 24 hours so obviously some people like that kind of dress.
      Sorry, but the shorts are staying. I also think talking about realism, in spanking films, in this day and age is not a viable argument. It is a fantasy. FANTASY!


    • Listen let me get something straight to you don’t you dare say I didn’t go to school you don’t know me do you? NO. Okay now before you call me childish take a look at your comment above i’m sorry but you ain’t talking to me like that and Jonathan is a grown man not a school kid so yeah he will look stupid in them shorts. I mean is that your thing school BOYS IN SHORTS not mine I like men not boys. And I don’t care where your clip got let’s face it you not shipping music here it’s mm spanking and I know that sometimes not many clips sell loads so to get a number one clips isn’t anything to me okay. I’m so annoyed you would get personal with me I just giving an opinion on your clip and also when you out your clips in the public domain you will expect to get mixed comments that’s life. Ill upload a pic to my google account you’ll see then who I am my names Luke and you’ll see my comment with my google account from now and you’ll see who I am as ill upload a picture if me. You say I’m rude but you are too I’m glad I never bought your clips as I find you creepy. So rude no respect

    • I’m not going to lie I could prolly punch you well I would cuz the more I read your comment the more I don’t like you so much big talk behind your pc but like I’ve said before people like you wouldn’t even say it to my face I’m fuming with you and as for the realistic comment it about makintg it seem real obviously it is FANTASY but why do sting put so much work into there videos to make them seem FANTASY no to make them more REALISTIC. End of!!!! I rest my case

    • I apologise profusely for upsetting you. That certainly was not my intention. I hope you will not punch me as I do not like being punched.

      Pleased that you have rested your case


  5. Thank you very much for such a generous preview clip. Long may yer lum reek!

  6. ¡Oh Bruce,que amable eres al responder nuestras inquietudes!
    Me tranquiliza saber que Jonathon se encuentra bien,y lamento su percance con el clavo (pobrecito)es tan bello que cualquier detalle en él es facilmente detectable.
    …y cualquier ropa que le pongan sin duda se verá maravilloso como siempre y….mejor mucho mejor cuando se la van quitando.
    ¡y claro que como colegial se ve adorable!….áunque sea invierno puede llevar pantalones cortos……hay que recordar que al fin de cuentas es…la” fabrica MÁGICA de nalgadas”,…un beso y hasta pronto!!!

  7. Ah jonathon will he ever learn. Love to see him in a Santa hat showing his bum.

  8. oi y aint you accepting my comments i come to this blog at leat 3 times a week you dont put me comments up – Luke aka anom 23

  9. Nice to see a bit more of Stephen in his productions. The face behind the spanker is always of interest. As for Jonathan, perhaps he should have been allowed to cool off those scalded butt cheeks in a snow bank – leaving the melted and rounded impressions of those nice firm buttocks in the snow. A different type of snow angel, to be sure!

  10. That is a nice idea, shame I didn’t think of that. There will no doubt be more snow soon and I’ll try and remember.

  11. It would be my view that whether it’s Xmasctime or not when you get told to so something bty your Dad you need todo it It’s clear to me that Johnthsn needsca Attiude adjustment .Infeel that his Dad was frustrated with his attitude and this last problem was the end of the line i feel he got what he deserved when he was Thrashed for his Insolence.I like the way the process took place based on the Clips it was a Classic Ass Whipping and could services a example for many in the future .It also should be noted that Jonathan is a Hot. Specimen

  12. I didnt like the story so much, i think a very story would have been that Jonathon tryied to open the presents before christmas and his daddy find out and give him a spanking and caning and then he go out and sit on the snow to cool off his butt.

  13. JustMagic said earlier: “I normally do not answer Anonymous negative comments as I think as a rule it is somebody just being rather childish”……………..and also: ” I also think talking about realism, in spanking films, in this day and age is not a viable argument. It is a fantasy. FANTASY!”

    Perhaps some folks get so caught up in their kinks and fetishes that they forget the purpose of spanking videos is to arouse, titillate and satisfy the theatre of the mind. Anyone who seriously believes that Jonathan, for example, actually is Stephen’s son or nephew and just happens to drop by to collect a needed thrashing, is in desperate need of a mental health professional. On the subject of short pants, they were de rigeur in almost all British boys schools not that many years ago. I saw that for myself when visiting the UK. The younger lads wore those shorts as the indicator of their youth and station, and the older lads (High School would be the North American equivalent) were permitted full length trousers.

    • Erm so not that many years ago no us boys in the UK never use to where shorts shorts no we did not not at all I’m afraid. As for you saying above obviously we know it’s not real do you think I’m that stupid it’s all made up if it was real it would be ridiculous. You going on about fetish everybody has there ideal spanking I don’t wanna see a man dressed up as a ladybird spanking another man dressed up as a fairy no of course not so to some degree it has to seem real we make believe it is real knowing really its not I mean without being rude do you think we all just born yesterday. (Shakes Head)

  14. Whoever had to make these comments accepted why ain’t mine being accepted on this blog ok so the man at the spanking factory can say what the fuck he likes and I can’t I mean do you think I’m gonna not have my say this isn’t a one sideded world you know everyone doesn’t agree on one thing oh so he makes films well shit ones that’s a reason to put his rude ass comments up callin names to people who visit your blog well you all just a load of cunts ere and I’m glad I say what I fucking want you bunch of fucking hypercrips to think everyone’s gotta love everything someone does well we don’t I suppose this blog is run by old perverts what can I really expect from old tits like ya self well fuck you and your shit fucking blog

    • ??
      what names did I call anybody?

      I think the tone of argumentation has gone completely off the track here.
      Some people should really get a life, or perhaps a bit more sex then frutrations would be lower.

  15. Someone is making comments in my name is not fair it’s not me tryna make me look bad

  16. My name

  17. Please remove the comment above.
    Thank You.
    Foul words. Not needed

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