Those Unlucky Builders are Back in Trouble – and this time its the slipper!

In Builders in Trouble (Part 2) Best buddies Andy and Bailey are back and back in trouble! The two builders clearly didn’t learn their timekeeping lesson and have continued to be late for work. Their boss, old Mr Smith feels that a second visit to be punished by the local spanker Mr X is needed. 
Straight lads Andy and Bailey are dreading what is in store for them. Mr X soon has both sorry lads over his knee. It’s not just a hand spanking. This time the muscled builders feel the full force of Mr X’s slipper pounding their bare bottoms. The latest release by Brett Stephens studio has Real Straight Guys! Real Spankings! Real Reactions!

Baily’s instantly recognizable bottom, with that cute birth mark

Andy’s beefy round bare butt

Clich here and here pictures and a trailer from Builders in Trouble (Part 1)


9 Responses to Those Unlucky Builders are Back in Trouble – and this time its the slipper!

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Great stuff :). Have they learnt their lesson, or will they be back for more?

  2. Avatar Spankedboy
    Spankedboy says:

    Such cute guys – i sooo fancy both of them! Always had a thing for builders!

  3. The first one of these was hot. There are so many things I could do to those builders!

  4. Avatar Slipper Daddy
    Slipper Daddy says:

    Ah this is so cool, I was waiting for the slipper scene

  5. I’d like to see them get it with a hath brush next, those mothers really sting. Or maybe a wooden paddle.

    Mr X should make them strip naked and it would be good to see their nervous faces as they watch their buddies get it

  6. So Slipper Daddy. Have you seen the full clip? Was the slipper scenes all that you hoped for?

  7. I’m pleased to see you will be seeing more of Andy and Bailey. If anyone has any requests or ideas for further shoots please feel free to suggest away! 🙂

  8. Avatar Slipper Daddy
    Slipper Daddy says:

    Hi Mr X

    Yes I bought it as soon as I saw it was out. The slippering was perfect, I’m sure they felt that.

    Did they say anything about it afterwards?

  9. Time I hired some builders!! Hope they are cute with firm bums to excite me as I pull them over my lap and spank their rears till they yell and squirm for dad to stop.