10 Responses to The Times, they are a-changin’

  1. Good Question…. lol…

  2. It has been pointed out on my Tumblr site that the boys in the striped strips are an Aussie Rules football team. Point taken – when I referred to British football, it is simply because of what I was used to seeing. I think what I was trying to say was just how much attitudes have altered across the sporting world – where we can go from a point where nobody thought anything about footballers patting each other on the bottom (even up to the early 2,000s according to Ward’s additional posting of the David Beckham picture) to a player being ‘investigated’ by his governing body for giving another player what just looks like a friendly spank in more recent times.

  3. I love the ‘short’ Adidas shorts pics!

  4. As far as young Mr Beckham is concerned, I’m not sure what his team-mates considered lucky about patting him on the bottom. Given my own experience, based entirely on observation, about how young lads do love smacking each other’s bottoms, I suspect that ‘luck’ in DB’s case was just an excuse…

  5. Now here’s a young man – Antoine Griezemann; I can never understand how it is that he doesn’t get his bottom smacked by his colleagues on a daily basis!

    • James Tarkowski is another one. He often wears dark briefs too. He seems to wear ‘Oddballs’ branded ones.

      • Following a short interlude to investigate young Mr Tarkowski, I just want to express my thanks to Lee for a very rewarding few minutes – as well as for the above fab pic! Go onto Google Images, folks, and google ‘James Tarkowski’s bum’ – there are some great results come up (not the only thing ‘coming up’ right at this moment, haha!) I find it fascinating that he is quite clearly a committed wearer of briefs at a time when the majority of young men his age (I believe he’s 30) of my acquaintance are firmly entrenched wearers of boxers!

        I have also been led via one of the google images of JT to the tumblr site ‘briefliner.tumblr.com’ – well worth a visit!

        Meanwhile, here is yet another pic (below) of the delectably spankable James, clearly revealing his impeccable taste in underpants!

        My thanks to you, again, Lee!
        Cliff van Spanking.

        • Thanks Dr Van Spanking for the photo of the Aussie Rules Football Team. Can there ever be enough of guys in short football shorts? If the guys from Sting follow here how about a compliment series to Kiwi College called Aussie Rules Football? Just a thought.
          Thanks also for the photo of Antonie Griezemann and Lee’s photo of James Torkowski and the Dr’s follow on photo. Wow those briefs look amazing thru his shorts. Again note to Sting Studios – Finn Harper in a pair of very tight sports shorts with tight briefs similar to the ones James Torkowski wears so well showing underneath the shorts. That would be the perfect Christmas/New Year present guys.

          • Thanks, Ethan! I agree with everything you’ve said, particularly about the possibility of Sting doing some Aussie Rules football postings with the boys in those spankably short and tight shorts! That really would be the cat’s ass! I can just see young Finn dressed like the boys below!

        • No problem, Sir. Glad you enjoyed JT’s pics!