The Magic Returns – Jonathon Mowing the Lawn

The Magic Spanking Factory is back, and Jonathon is going to get a tanning – but not in the way he expected : Lazy Jonathon, who was supposed to be mowing the lawn, thought it would just be more relaxing to do a bit of sunbathing instead. His angry father shows Jonathon the error of his ways very quickly indeed. Pulling him by his ear into the house his father wastes no time whatsoever and spanks the unlucky youth. Sitting him on the table and forcing his legs behind his sons head Dad slaps the smooth glowing buttocks completely ignoring Jonathons wailing. After a final round with the belt Jonathon is told to get dressed and finally get the grass cut.

Jonathon’s tan is focused where it does the most good!

6 Responses to The Magic Returns – Jonathon Mowing the Lawn

  1. ¡¡¡bravo,como lo extrañabamos,gracias,Jonathon es un niño adorable!!!!!

  2. Oh dear jonathon does not look happy in the last picture. Will he ever learn?. Still love him.

  3. ¡Oh,amo a éste chico maravilloso y todas sus travesuras!,¡que bueno que lo volvemos a ver,espero encontrar mas,mucho mas de éste diablillo y su severo padre!!!

  4. Spank the ass and cut the grass – two instances of action definitely suited to young Jonathan.

  5. Good stuff. After that Jonathon will not be able to sit down for a week.

    If his dad carries on poor Jonathon will have to sit on a cushion to eat his Christmas dinner LOL

  6. Avatar Anton Kriel
    Anton Kriel says:

    Jonathon must be one of the most handsome boys ever to appear inn a spanking movie. He’s right up there with Paul from Sting, Chase from Spanking Central and some of the very handomest Higgins models.

    He is a star in the CP firmament.