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  • Dr van Spanking – re-named

    That popular spanking Blogger Dr van Spanking has changed the name of his site, from cainbottom to:


    Here is a message from the Good Doctor’s young nephew explaining the change:

     Just to tell you about a bit of a change which I think some of you have already noticed. My wicked Uncle Doc felt he was less recognisable as cainbottom, even though all his naughty boys at Wallop Bottom (Doc’s address) thought it was a great name. So he’s changed the site name to


    If you followed him before, please do again, won’t you. Anyway, I was a bit cheeky to him earlier. I was saved from a spanking because he had to go out, but his parting shot was “Just you wait till I get back, young man!” And I’ve just heard him come back in…gulp!…”