Dr van Spanking’s Magic Numbers

Dr van Spanking has come up with a set of  ‘magic’ numbers – magic because they conjure up for him memories and images of spankings given and received, and of associations with his personal history and preferences to do with underwear and corporal punishment



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Link to Judicial Birching of Thugs – Isle of Man

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5 Responses to Dr van Spanking’s Magic Numbers

  1. A question: I had always understood that the Isle of Man birch was administered to boys across the bare bottom. However, James McKell’s account of being birched, linked to the picture above, suggests that he got it on his underpants. This is the case for two other accounts that I have read of an Isle of Man birching. It has not been directly stated, but the descriptions have all referred to the boys’ having to take their trousers down – nothing about having to remove their underpants. Can anybody in the know about such matters please enlighten me?

    I don’t know about anybody else but I think that with marks across my thighs like the boys in the picture have got, I’m not sure I’d have been walking round on a public beach in swimming-briefs! Unless, of course, it was a deliberate act of displaying my ‘battle trophies’!

  2. I am one of the ‘1 in 5’ as I tend to usually wear white CK briefs 😉