Swim Troubles – At Bottom Line

Swim Troubles – Betting Licks

Team members Aiden, David and Marc along with team captain Diego are supposed to be practicing their swimming early in the morning. Instead the four of them decide to play video games and quickly begin betting money and more on the results.


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Swim Troubles – Betting Licks


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Dr van Spanking
1 year ago

Oh, those naughty Bottom Line boys! Playing video-games and spanking games when they’re supposed to be doing their swimming practice! And betting?! My word!!! A good spanking all round is very definitely what’s needed for these errant youths! If I was their coach, I would line them up and lay them over my knee for a good and hefty dose of my hardest slipper! Having first made sure they got into the pool and got their swimming-briefs wet! And if you’ve ever been spanked over a pair-of wet swimming-trunks, you’ll know exactly why I say that – it makes a spanking hurt significantly more!

I just adore peer spanking! From the laughter and the cheeky grins, the lads are clearly enjoying themselves, which isn’t to be wondered at – in my experience, boys do LOVE smacking each other’s bottoms! This has nothing to do with sexuality – interestingly, I’ve observed the phenomenon more among straight boys than among gay twinks. Whether or not that’s just coincidence, I’m not sure, but it does suggest that inside every young lad there is a wannabe spanker trying (not too hard) to stay hidden!

There are two firsts on this video: one is a boy being laid over the knee in a pair of jammers – I don’t seem to recall that before at JS. And although he isn’t being smacked with great severity, the thin nylon of the jammers is not likely to be providing him with much protection from the STING! of Diego’s hand! The other first, at least on JS (I don’t know about BLS) is seeing Diego with another boy laid across his knee – what we usually see is an older man with young Diego (I believe AKA Alejandro at another studio featured at JS) laid over his knee, bottom up and being smacked hard!

As soon as I saw the boys come into the room in their spanky speedos, I knew I had to have this video for my collection! Spanking on swimming-briefs is a rare event on any spanking site these days, and I have to say I simply LOVE it! Not only are the colours usually great (as they are on this latest BLS video) but they tend to be made of nylon or some other artificial fibre, much kinkier and more spankable than cotton briefs! Not unlike the coloured nylon briefs that were standard boys’ underpants in the 1970s, still for me the Golden Age of Spanking! I received my last over-the-knee home corporal punishment session over black nylon swimming-briefs at 18, so spanking over swimming-pants has a particular significance for me! For any spanker who is into smacked bottoms over briefs, this video is an absolute MUST!!

A lovely sequel to this, if BLS would consider it, would be that the team’s coach comes in and catches these wayward youngsters at their antics! Each one of the boys ends up over the coach’s knee in his swimming-briefs to start with, then the punishment progresses to their bare bottoms! Perhaps that slipper might be used to discipline them OTK and the coach could end up whipping their bare bums with one of the martinets! Please do give it some thought, BLS! I’m sure it would sell and I’d be willing to pay extra!

1 year ago

As team captain and swim-technically perfect school record holder, Diego was rewarded for volunteering to keep up thorough technical training during coach’s long sick leave with the use of strict Sir’s office as HQ for a series of weekend – or longer holiday ‘bootless camps’, where the boys exercise intensively and stay in trunks (only), except for frequent hygiene and discipline in the bare. Lacking coach’s arrogant confidence, stemming from Sir’s physically imposing heavy-weight figure and years of dreaded discipliner reputation, Diego feels duty-bounds to earn/exact his own by elaborate eery endurances dispensing dire derriere-discipline double-dose, on more counts and in case of the slightest doubt, thus lining the pool by the end of each session with well over half his team naked over the (left) ‘loser side’, ruefully rubbing red-raw-ravaged rotten-rascal-rears, for poor times and all kinds of technical flaws.
Near exhaustion after flailing failure-fannies from dawn to dusk the first Saturday, Diego chooses a select squad of Seniors as substitute coaches, all fast and technically accomplished, who will from now on, executing his instructions, also swing the various punitive instruments on all looser lads’ trunks and bared bottoms, and as there is ample time now, follow-up their abject-arse-up-comeuppances by soundly hand-spanked OTK rides.
To train them to this terrific troublesome-team-teen-tails-tender-tanning task, while still subject to ‘sovereign’ spankings by Diego himself, the trio are allowed to spend the night with young Sir in office HQ, playing his favourite video game and thus selecting who will when be handling or suffering which implement from which mate or from Diego himself in plenty of pristine-pink-to-pain-purple-progressing posterior-punishment-pounding-procedure-practice.
This way it feels fair and functional flogging-fun for all four, bonding as bared-brat-butts-black-and-blue-battering-bound bad-ass boyish buddies beyond boring business-like bum-beatings. The promotion-selected trio is infinitely grateful to Diego, as they can’t wait till morning, when they shall sirely start savouring scolding, sentencing, stripping and spanking submissive swim-team stripling sterns like adults always amply agonize all their abject adolescent arses ad-lib, at-home, at-school and anywhere.
Diego even dreams of becoming a real coach after his promising swimming career, so he can keep in athlete shape by using the strength in his arms to keep whipping wretchedly-wriggling wayward-warm-whippersnappers into suitably-superior student-swimmer-shape by soundly scarlet-spanking their shiveringly-speedo-stripped shapely-swimmer-stripling-sterns for sub-standard-swimming and so-on, sometimes simply to set a scary example, set-up a sexy swimmer-squirt or secretly savour the sublime status of sovereignly-spanking Sir.