Straight Lads Spanked – Liam – Valentine Caning

Young Liam called Mr X, the local neighbourhood spanker, in a panic. He had booked an apartment to take his girlfriend for a romantic Valentine’s break and it was only after he had confirmed the booking that he realised he also had to provide a refundable £250 deposit. He did not have that spare. So he asked Straight Lads Spanked if he could earn it!

Mr X told Liam that we could sort something out so Liam turned up the next day with his pal Andy Lee for support.

Liam was interviewed and we discussed his dilemma. Mr X then gave him a proposition. He could earn the cash be receiving strokes from the cane at £10 per stroke. So to earn the £250 he had to receive 25 lashes from the cane!

After some consideration he decided to go through with it.Everything that happened next was caught on film………..

Did Liam earn the £250 he desperately wanted? You will have to watch to find out!


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Well all I can say that this movie is 100% genuine. This really did happen exactly as you see it unfold. Nothing staged, nothing scripted. Just a real straight guy trying to earn some cash


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