Straight Lads Spanked “Dom – Dad Finds Twitter”

Dom has been reckless! He has been using Twitter, and revealing things he does not want Dad to know! 
He has no idea that his Dad has been reading his tweets!
Dad has read it all! – Dom is caught!
Dom gets punished! – Hard!
Over The Knee!
**Bare Bottom**
Dom starts off cocky and a little insolent ……

..but then it starts to dawn on him ….

He’s been caught!!

.. and caught red handed …
which means he’ll soon be very red bottomed..!!

… taking drugs ….

— stealing from Dad’s wallet ….
.. and then boasting about it online …..
Dom really Deserves a sore bottom!!

 And that is exactly what Dad has planned for him!!

many smacks later Dom begs Dad to stop….
 but Dad has only just begun …!
 You stole £70.00 from my wallet Son!!

 So you are going to get an extra seventy spanks!

Lesson for Dom – If you are a bad boy …
  … don’t admit it online..
 Or you won’t sit down for a week!!!

The (VERY RED) End

 Spank Dom’s bare bottom or click here for a preview video and more information

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5 Responses to Straight Lads Spanked “Dom – Dad Finds Twitter”

  1. Hot as Hell!

    • Really hot as hell… okay the dad looks like the monsters from the film Wrong Turn seriously look the film up haha. Hot… Maybe not hell… Yes

    • He reminded me of the monster from Texas Chainsaw Massacre haha

  2. wow dom is hotter that hell looks like jack Wilshire get him in an arsenal kit with his cock and ass showing sexy bastard if that was me spanking him he would have been rimmed and sucked off. as for the dad he looks drunk.

  3. Mmm, very hot.