Caught Spying on Girls – 18 year old Karl spanked by Coach Bailey

Introducing Karl who is soundly punished by Coach Bailey

Karl has just finished swimming practise. He heads for the showers to freshen up. Whilst he is busy soaping himself down under the running water he notices a hole in the wall.   Coach Bailey delivers a stern but kindly lecture about keeping his young desires under control.  

He can’t believe what he is seeing on the other side….. The girls showering! 
Karl does what any 18 year old straight lad would do under the circumstances and spies whilst jerking off!

He is in mid stroke when Coach Bailey comes barging in.
Caught red handed Karl is told to get to the Coaches office! Karl is so embarrassed. He really looks up to Coach Bailey and is martified that he got caught wanking!
Karl is faced with a stark choice. Bailey tells Karl’s parents and the rest of the team or Karl accepts a punishment

It’s a grim decision but Karl decides he would rather face Baileys strong hand than public humiliation!

What happens next is a tough lesson. Bailey really goes to town on this sorry lad and wastes no time in getting the speedos off! Karl is spanked hard over the coaches knee. He is struggling around with his legs kicking back but he is powerless in Baileys strong grip! 

Eventually the punishment is over and Karl is sent on his way with Bailey promising that it will never be mentioned again! 

Video Trailer

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Well this was young Karl’s first every shoot at Straight Lads Spanked. It was also his first ever spanking! Bailey laid it on hard and Karl certainly got a thorough introduction!

Here are some initial reviews for this new video:

“”Fantastic. Just bought this clip and I highly recommend it. Bailey has become a spanker extraordinaire. And the new model Carl is cute as can be. This is a great OTK scene “”

“”If this video is any indication, Bailey is one of the best spankers on the net. And Kyle’s facial expressions are fantastic. His reactions are natural and convincing and you can see that this is a very real and very hard spanking. Please make more with Bailey as the top!




2 Responses to Caught Spying on Girls – 18 year old Karl spanked by Coach Bailey

  1. MR.Bailey IS ONE HELL OF A MAN. He can take it and dish it out.

    I would love to have to answer to MR. BAILEY for my every action.

    I would love to be able to reach Mr. BAILEY.

  2. Coach Bailey gets HOTTER every time I see him. Bailey should make more films as THE MAN IN CHARGE.