Straight Lads Spanked: Jason – Mouth Soaping

At the beginning of this new male spanking movie from Straight Lads Spanked, we discover that naughty Jason has been swearing at his mum. And as we are all aware by now, Dad really doesn’t like bad language…. especially when it’s directed at his missus by a lippy lad!

Dad has an old-fashioned approach when it comes to punishing disrespectful youngsters, and he decides there’s nothing else for it but to drag the brat to the bathroom and wash his mouth out with soap!

Bending Jason over the sink, he makes him open his mouth so that he can wash out all that nasty language with his soapy fingers and a face flannel.

With a mouth full of lather, it’s clear that Jason is already regretting swearing at his mum. But if he thought that was all that Dad was going to do, he’s got another think coming! Dad is also going to give the lad a well deserved smacked bottom!


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With Jason still bent over the bathroom sink, and ordered to hold the bar of soap between his teeth, Dad swats the seat of his black jeans with his hand. But he clearly feels that that isn’t enough to get the message through, so he takes off his belt and uses that to thrash his impertinent son’s backside.

Of course, it was only ever going to be a matter of time before Dad stepped the punishment up a notch by taking down Jason’s trousers, and indeed it is not long before the lad is feeling his father’s firm hand, and his belt, across the seat of his tight white pants.




Even that flimsy protection doesn’t last long, however. Ignoring the muffled protests, Dad pulls down Jason’s pants, and with a firm and heavy hand, spanks the lad’s already very red sore bottom.



By this time, Jason is a very sorry boy, but Dad hasn’t finished with him yet. He tells him that he will shortly be going to bed, with no supper, but first he will have to stick his bare bottom out for 12 final strokes with the belt. At least, with that bar of soap in his mouth, Jason is spared the indignity of having to count them out!





When Dad has finished, Jason is finally allowed to remove the bar of soap and rinse his mouth out. With an unpleasant taste in his mouth and a bottom glowing like a beacon, you can be sure it’s going to be a while before Jason swears at his mum again!


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6 Responses to Straight Lads Spanked: Jason – Mouth Soaping

  1. When will the recent Jason videos be posted to their clips4sale store?

    • Hi Tom

      I asked Dave, the owner of Straight Lads Spanked, who tells me that he usually tries to make videos available on Clips4Sale about three weeks after they appear on the Straight lads Spanked website. However, as an update is now overdue, he will add videos to Clips4Sale later today.

      As Jason – Mouth Soaping was posted to the website this weekend, it should be at Clips4Sale just after Christmas


  2. Hi Ward,
    I see we have another edition of wonderful Jason’s antics requiring a good bum warming! Jason appears to have lived up to his end of the bargain, displaying his newly tanned backside for all to admire. Kudos to Jason! Thanks for posting the pics & storyline. Much appreciated! As an FYI, 4 days later & still no update at clips4sale. Can’t say as I follow that one. Don’t want the revenue? Anyway, thanks again for your assistance.

  3. Hi Ward,
    Thanks very much. I appreciate it!

  4. Hi Ward,
    I see that Jason: Mouth Soaping has now been posted at Clips-For-Sale. Thanks very much for any involvement on your part. I have now downloaded it & am looking forward to viewing it shortly. Thanks again & Season’s Greetings to you!