Straight Lads Spanked: Jason – Bad report Card

Straight Lads Spanked: Jason Bad Report Card

We can only assume that naught brat Jason must have been behaving himself recently, since we haven’t heard from him for a few weeks now.

In fact, not since he got his bottom smacked by big brother Charlie, for bunking off from college. That’ll teach the cheeky youngster to think he can get away with murder just because his dad isn’t home!

In the latest male spanking video from Straight Lads Spanked, however, Jason finds himself in hot water again

…. and not just the long shower that we see him taking when he gets home!


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The lad is relaxing on his bed after his shower, in just his pants, when Dad comes in, brandishing Jason’s college report card. More astute viewers will not take long to surmise that the report is less than glowing.

Jason tries to argue the point, but without much success!

“C, C, D, E, F,” reveals Dad. The report may not be glowing, but Jason’s rear end is soon going to be!

Fortunately, Dad knows exactly how to motivate a young man who isn’t doing his best to make the most of the educational opportunities he has been enjoying. “Sometimes,” he says, “what a young lad needs is a smacked bottom!” Well, I’m sure none of us would disagree with that … except maybe Jason!

Conveniently enough, Jason is already stripped to his underwear, so over Dad’s knee he goes, to be smacked hard on the seat of his tight blue pants. Dad’s hand gets to work warming the lazy lad’s bottom, and it soon becomes clear that the message is getting through.

It’s not long before Jason is a very sorry boy with a very sore, red bottom, promising to work harder at college for the rest of the term, but that’s too little, too late for Dad.

While Jason remains in position over his knee, Dad pulls down the lad’s underwear and uses his firm right hand to give him the good hard spanking he deserves on the bare bottom.


Jason’s pants may be down, but hopefully a good hiding means that his grades will soon be up!






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2 Responses to Straight Lads Spanked: Jason – Bad report Card

  1. After a weekend from hell when I didn’t have time to look at Jock Spank, it was just a major thrill and delight to log on this morning and behold the sight of this cheeky litlle lad being laid over the knee, naked except for those deliciously spankable blue briefs! I am so glad that young Jason decided to swap the white underpants he is wearing at the start of the clip for coloured underpants to be spanked over! And I think they are his best choice yet for spankingwear from the contents of what is clearly a well-stocked pants-drawer – perfect length and tightness for discipline and a great colour into the bargain! I really hope to see more of what’s in that drawer as we see more of this naughty little scamp!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – paraphrasing the words of an old hymn, “What a find we have in Jason!” His cheeky, youthful face and boyish physique just shriek aloud to the skies for punishment! When Dad says that what a young lad sometimes needs is ‘a smacked bottom’, that is an understatement in Jason’s case. He is one of those boys who need it just by being, if I may wax philosophical for a moment. Truly an angel twink straight from Spankers’ Heaven! And thank you, Dad, for so effectively taking the little monkey in hand! The roundness and redness of the lad’s deliciously pert, hairless bottom after he straightens up from over the knee defies description!

  2. Hello Dr van Spanking,
    I notice that there is a new release at Straight Lads Spanked featuring our favourite, spanking model Jason. I was wondering if there are any preview pictures &/or a preview video available for posting? If these exist, is there any chance that you could post our favourite little friend & his most spankable behind? Thanks for your consideration & have a great day!