Sting Special Price Classic: Let the Cane Take the Strain (Part 1 of 2)

The latest Sting Special price classic is the 2011, special length, release

Let the cane take the strain

The rattan cane is probably the most famous of all the punishment instruments. In part one of this drama documentary Sting Pictures takes  a look back at the early years of its use and follows through to the 50s and 60s.

The film opens in a 1900 House Of Correction where inmate Johnson (Carlos Fernandez) is summoned to be punished by his Warden.

First a good bare bottom spanking followed by a caning face down on the pine scrub top table.

He yelps his way through the punishment as different canes are selected. The idea for this sequence is based on an old photo of the period.


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Next Robbie features as Naval Training Ship cadet boy seaman Heath up on a charge and sentenced to receive traditional ‘cuts’ of the cane both in tight white naval ducks and on the bare breech.




Stoically, like most young cadets, he takes his punishment well.


Moving on in time and down under senior student Hargreaves (Dexter) reports to his house master for late night bullying in the dormitory. Dressed in his pyjamas he gets a long hard spanking



He is then told to report back the next day in sports kit for the cane. He has been warned many times but perhaps further 24 strokes of this stinging rod with help him to behave.



In part 2 three more unlucky young men feel the strain of the cane!!



The original video preview can be viewed at the old Feel the Sting or at Spanking Tube




Let The Cane Take The Strain


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