Straight Lads Spanked: Forest Nettle whipping (Part 2) Andy’s Revenge

This movie follows directly on from Part One! Furious Andy Lee drags Liam through the forest to get his revenge! Shirtless Andy easily pick Liam up with one strong arm and proceeds to spank this leather clad bikers bottom! 

Liam is protesting and wriggling around but Andy does not let go. Soon the leather trousers are ripped down. Andy grabs a fresh bunch of stinging nettles and Liam is helpless as Andy proceeds to thrash his bare butt with the nettles. 

You can clearly see the effect this has on Liam’s smooth pale bottom. It does not stay milly white for long though as Andy continues to spank Liam’s already stung and throbbing cheeks hard and fast whilst wearing a leather clad glove! 

Liam is left on the forest floor gasping fro breath and nursing a very sore bottom as Andy leaves. Revenge is sweet!



On Liam’s tender fair skinned bottom a nettle rash will sting for hours!

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