Straight Lads Spanked : “Dexter – Where’s my Rent?”

Dexter – Where’s My Rent?

Who’d be a landlord? You risk your property and furniture being trashed; you lose your privacy…. and you can be landed with awful tenants. In a recent male spanking movie from Straight Lads Spanked, landlord Mr Stevens has come to collect the rent from his handsome but terminally feckless lodger, Dexter…. but Dexter is lying on his bed, saying he has had no work and can’t pay him this week.

Mr Stevens isn’t an unreasonable man, but the problem is that Dexter said the same thing last week and the week before that, and Mr Stevens is losing his patience! It doesn’t help when young Dexter, with a sense of entitlement that beggars belief, says he can’t understand why Mr Stevens is getting angry, and tells him to “chill”!

The landlord says that he has had enough and tells the lad that he is going to have to pack up his stuff and leave. But Dexter doesn’t want to go, and asks if Mr Stevens has any other suggestions.

Mr Stevens tells him that when he was Dexter’s age, he would have got a damn good spanking if he had behaved in such an irresponsible way. And before he knows what is happening, the lad finds himself over the older man’s knee, getting the seat of his tight jeans warmed by the older man’s hand!


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Dexter is clearly astonished to find himself getting his bottom smacked at the age of 23, no matter how well deserved it is.

And it does nothing to lessen his astonishment when he is eventually told to take down his jeans, and he finds himself back over Mr Stevens’ knee, getting spanked on the seat of his skintight underpants!


Dexter complains that his bottom is sore, but Mr Stevens is unmoved. When he tells his work-shy lodger to stand up, it is only to tell him to pull down his pants for the punishment to continue on his bare bottom!


Now completely naked and getting his bottom smacked over an older man’s knee like a naughty boy, Dexter can only keep repeating that he can’t believe it is happening to him.


Finally Dexter is left to nurse his sore bottom and wonder how he will raise the rent and avoid another spanking.


Jason Birthday Spanking

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4 years ago

Awesome looking video with the ever-cute munchkin Jason! As always, I extend my gratitude for your efforts here in general & more specifically, thanks for this post! It looks like Jason is getting to know the work of “The London Tanners”, in this case, their stingy, little “CP Ruler Paddle(small)”. Although I have yet to see this video, I must also thank Jason for sharing his pert little behind & experiencing this new (to him) strap!! Hopefully, he will be back for more. Maybe we need to get his mom to push for more regular spankings so he can get control of his finances (only joking). Arh! Arh! Anyhow, thanks again. I can’t wait for this to be released on clips for sale.