Straight Lads Spanked: Christian – Lazy Lad

Straight Lads Spanked: Christian – Lazy Lad

Yet another handsome new model makes his debut in a recent male spanking movie from Straight Lads Spanked.

When we first meet Christian, he is lounging on the couch, channel-hopping.

Christian thinks he can sit there on his 18 year old bottom, and not help out around the house.

His Dad thinks differently!

Dad comes in and asks why he hasn’t cleared up the breakfast things or tidied his room, but this lazy lad seems to think that having been at work for all of four hours gives him the right to sit around and be waited on hand and foot for the rest of the day! And anyway…. “Mum does all that stuff, doesn’t she?”

Dad takes a slightly different view, pointing out that Mum’s working day is twice as long, and she shouldn’t have to come home after her long day and then have to do everything in the house as well. To Christian’s horror, he goes on to suggest that since he doesn’t contribute anything to the household, he should at least do his bit to help out by tidying the kitchen and making a start on dinner.

Or What?” responds the cheeky brat


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Well, he soon finds out exactly “what”. He learns that, even at 18 years old, he’s not too big to go over his dad’s knee for a good smacked bottom!

Dad spanks him hard on the seat of his tight blue jeans, lecturing him all the while on his attitude and how things are going to be changing around the house from now on.

Eventually he stands him up and pulls down his jeans, before hauling him back over his knee to continue the punishment on the lad’s white Calvin Klein boxer shorts.

Dad takes this opportunity to issue a stern warning that he will be monitoring his behaviour over the next week ….

…and if it doesn’t improve, he will be taking his belt to the lad’s bare bottom!



Just when he thought he was getting through to his lazy son, Dad is astonished to hear Christian protest that he hasn’t done anything wrong…. and then, to add insult to injury, the silly boy tells his father to f*** off! NOT the most sensible tack when you’re bent over Dad’s knee with your jeans around your ankles!

It’s the last straw for this exasperated dad. Christian is stood up again and told in no uncertain terms to pull down his pants. The rest of this spanking is going to be on his bare bottom!

Again and again Dad’s hand cracks down across Christian’s fast reddening rear end, turning him into a very sore and sorry boy.



Dad is going to make sure his lazy son’s bottom is so sore, sitting down will be the last thing he wants to do.

Christian unsuccessfully tries to protect his now very sore bottom with his hand, but this just makes his angry dad Spank him harder






It’s pretty clear that things are going to be very different around here from now on.

Apart from being banned from playing football for a week, Christian is going to be spending the evening apologising to Mum; cleaning up the kitchen; making a start on the evening meal, and tidying his room.

But hey, at least all of that will keep him from having to sit on his sore smacked bottom!

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4 years ago

Christian is one of Daves best finds since the likes of Kevin, Dom, Leam and Callum back in the day. Handsome witha good body, and a convincing performer.

He looks like the sort of guy who is just a little bit too pleased with himself, a guy who needs to be brought down to earth in an embarrassing and painfil way, maybe spanked by Mr X or Uncle Andy in front of a group of laughing mates.

4 years ago

Christian has sexy feet in those white socks.