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It is with some regret that we have decided to remove the rating facility underneath postings.  We have had to do this because in recent weeks it has become obvious that a small number of visitors have been abusing the system in order to undermine particular contributors they have some grudge against, or, as in one recent incident, rating a posting “poor” to make a political statement.
On a separate matter, we have also had some issues with negative comments being left anonymously. Therefore, in future any negative comment posted anonymously will be deleted.  We are of the view that those who wish to express negative criticism of a posting or studio, should at least identify themselves.  Visitors who do not have a Google or WordPress account can use the Name/URL option in the drop down menu beneath the comment field in order to confirm their name when commenting.
General and positive comments and observations can still be made anonymously if visitors so wish.
Now enjoy this smacked butt picture

10 Responses to Ratings and Comments

  1. may I ask what political statements they have been trying to make? Have to say this is a great blog and you guys update so regularly I think you should be encouraged 🙂

  2. Someone left a comment to say they had rated a posting as “poor” because they felt one “Spankables” update featured only blonds, and he/she considered that “racist”

    I took that as a political statement.

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Delighted to be stll able to make anonymous comments, which in my case will always be positive because you provide constant,lively entertainment, thank you. I need my daily fix of Jockspank before my day can begin.(though I must admit that on occasion it has delayed things I should have been doing,but since I havent gone blind yet, as my mother warned I would, I just keep “loging on”.
    Loved the smacked butt picture and hope they all ended up with red butts

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Good decision. The user rating has always been unnecessary for my choices.


  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Anom 23 here I feel as if it a good idea to leave feedback we all have a say and I think that we are all intiled to our own opinion but I don’t agree with removing negative comments it’s good to he feedback so one can maybe improve from it or make different choices etc it just seems you like everything to be nice nice not every video that is rolled Ilost is gonna be good I think it’s ok to leave constructive criticism I prolly get this removed but just like to have a say in the matter as I’m a long teen visitor to you wounderful blog 🙂

  6. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Long term visitor
    Not every video made is fantastic
    Damn auto correct on iPhone lol

  7. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Ward I have read your statement and remember well the comment left on the blonde selection along with the poor comment. I notice that above the comment saying that negative comments shouldn’t be removed as far as I can see you have not removed any comments only those from people who are just rude or do not know the meaning of constructive criticism. Keep up the good work great blog with so much choice to look at thank you to you and all the studios who post here

  8. I rarely made use of the ratings, so I will not miss them. I have been remiss in leaving comments, but I’ve never felt the need to leave a negative one. I’ve always felt it’s the height of idiocy to complain about something you get for free, that no one is forcing you to enjoy. When I see a post on Jock Spank – or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter – that I don’t particularly care for, I just scroll past it to the next one. But that’s the internet: a few bad apples are always trying to ruin everything for everyone else.

  9. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments. I hope that removing the ratings will encourage people to comment as it is always nice to hear from you. I confirm that you can still make comments anonymously except for negative comments which will be deleted unless you identify yourself.

    We were getting very concerned with the ratings as it appeared that certain studios were being unfairly targeted with “poor” ratings, presumably by someone with a grudge. Therefore we decided to remove them

  10. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    A few bad apples if you enjoy spanking and are looking buy videos that ain’t free it’s nice to maybe leave some feedback in the comments yes the rating system was stupid I get that but maybe if we leave comments for ideas etc it can benifit everyone anyway props to all the studios out there for giving us what we like Mwha