Sting: Video Preview for “You’ve Been Warned!”

The video Preview for

You’ve Been Warned

Introducing Isaac Esteban

CLICK HERE to view the pictures and Storyline



The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube




You’ve Been Warned! – in 1080p Extra High Definition


You’ve Been Warned! – in Standard Definition


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3 years ago

Wow, this one’s a cutie. Great butt and very expressive. Love that “OWW!” Hope to see him pulled by the ear and spanked again.

3 years ago

Very nice debut from Isaac, good story and setting for him to respond too. Sting’s ability to craft a good clip is very apparent and over the years legendary especially their longer films which I hope we might see again one day. Their trailers are well made too a definite buy me effect. Glad though that someone got the paint brush out. One other thing too is the spankings, a set of good firm smacks rather than lots of pats really does it for me and with some tight white undies at last. Thank you gentleman.