A requested clip for Kiran. A no messing around OTK session is both needed and asked for, Kiran being a naughty lad has also been asking for this spanking.


Going OTK He feels the heavy hand of Dimitri land on his rear end. The shorts that he is wearing might look good but they have to go after a warm up.


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Next is a super set on the black boxers, which add a certain something to the look of the lads butt. A finale on the bare ass and Kiran has got just what he, and others, were asking for. A great request clip .




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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Even as a regular, enthusiastic and severe spanker myself, I’m occasionally tempted to feel sorry for a BBFC lad when I’m watching him get his bottom smacked. There are two exceptions: one is young Sergio, who looks such an imp that I just want to lay him across my knee the moment he walks into the room, and the other very definitely is Kiran. He has such a naughty, truculent air about him that no amount of spanking seems to be able to drive out of him – some would say, thank the gods of Spankers’ Heaven! As indeed I would myself – just imagine if the young scallywag ever turned over a new leaf…we’d never see him getting that cheeky little bum of his smacked ever again! Unthinkable!

Unsurprisingly, he doesn’t look too happy as he walks to Dimitri’s ‘seat of learning’! And well he might not! Saying which, I think at his age I’d have found the prospect of being laid over the knee for a dose of Dimitri’s hard and horny hand would have had my stomach churning like a cement-mixer – and I was no stranger as a young lad to very strict – and I mean VERY strict – discipline! In fact it would be no exaggeration to say that the knee was practically a kind of second home to me! And that holding up trousers was pretty much a secondary use for my guardian’s belt!

Bent over Dimitri’s knee, legs correctly straight and together, Kiran is in the perfect posture for getting a good and heavy punishment laid on, which commences, as the commentary observes, with no messing about! The material of those shorts looks fairly thin, even if they are slightly baggy and give the impression that Kiran’s bottom is somewhat larger than it actually is! And they are full of ‘Eastern European promise’ are they not, as we get a tantalising glimpse of a pair of black underpants – No.3 on my list of all-time favourite colours for spankingwear!

No boy is quiet or still for long while laying over Dimitri’s knee to be disciplined and Kiran is no exception, making it clear from the start that the smacking and evidently agonising ear-pulling are, at least temporarily, getting through to him! That much is also obvious from his grip on the cushion which gets tighter as the smacking continues, moving through the three stages of shorts, underpants and bare bottom! The cushion to hang onto is not a comfort most BBFC boys have while they’re getting smacked, although I doubt it makes an awful lot of difference to the smarting Kiran is feeling behind!

We have seen Kiran wearing this particular pair of underpants for a spanking on a recent occasion and I was glad that Dimitri left them in place (before taking them down, obviously) since they framed the lad’s bottom beautifully – as the commentator observed, this particular selection from Kiran’s pants-drawer definitely do ‘add a certain something’! This is my favourite stage of any BBFC or Sting spanking, so I was glad to see a good ly number of SMACKS! laid on! As Dimitri’s pulls the boy’s boxer-briefs down, we find that his bare, well-spanked bottom is glowing a lovely sunset-pink, which speaks more than any words could say of a punishment soundly administered!

The vital statistics indicate a short but quality spanking – this is boys’ discipline at its good old-fashioned best!
Smacks on the shorts 134
Spanks on the pants 163
Smacks on the bare bum 101

I noticed this time that young Kiran seems to have shaved the area round his cock. I haven’t noticed that before – would that be because we don’t always see ‘down there’ or just that I’m not always very observant? I’m usually too busy focusing on the rear portion of a lad’s anatomy…