Sting: Video Preview for Short of Excuses

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3 Responses to Sting: Video Preview for Short of Excuses

  1. Finn is gorgeous. Sting has done a fine job with this photo set. Looks perfect in his tight shorts and underwear. More Finn please Sting.

  2. WOW!!! After being transported yesterday morning to the sublimest realms of Spankers’ Heaven, what can I say but a resounding WOWWWW!!! I will often wait till I’ve seen the video preview before buying a clip, but in this case, I knew I didn’t have to! I bought it outright and it is now sitting firmly (unlike young Finn, I imagine, haha!) in my folder of favourites!

    I originally envisioned Finn being spanked in a school setting, but I LOVE this scenario that allows a school uniform to be worn in a domestic setting – a young lad sent home from school to be laid over the knee for a good spanking! As ever, at the first sight of Finn in those spankably short grey shorts, my heart did a double somersault!

    The film is superbly scripted and acted! One of the brilliant details is that ‘Dad’s’ word’s on the phone to the headmaster (great to hear the unmistakable voice of Richard, the god of spanking, btw!) and to ‘Simon’ suggest that this spanking should have laid on a long time ago and is well overdue! The reaction of ‘Simon’ in his turn, as he is ordered to approach Marco and bend over his knee, is that a dose of corporal punishment is very unexpected – clearly a smacked bottom is something doesn’t figure on the boy’s horizon’s at all! I couldn’t help thinking back to the days of my own errant youth. I was always severely dealt with in school when I was naughty – I was never sent home, but if I had been, it would have been to be laid straight over my guardian’s knee, and sitting down would have been most uncomfortable for the rest of the day!

    Finn’s facial expressions while he is being disciplined demonstrate that his shorts and underpants are a completely ineffective barrier to the pain and punishment dished out by a justifiably furious Marco! I think it was Bruce who told me that the Sting spanker whose hard hand across the bottom the Stinglads most dread is Marco, and from the way he lays into Finn’s luscious buttocks, it is not hard to see why!

    After 112 hard spanks, the inevitable moment comes for Finn to take off his shorts, and we have the joy of finding out what colour underpants he’s wearing! It is always at this moment that I find myself thinking, ‘Please, NOT white boner-killers!’ I needn’t have worried, as Finn reveals a pair of dark khaki boxer-briefs, an unusual colour on any spanking site! We haven’t seen Finn in this pair of pants before, and they actually look quite new! If they are, they might have been bought for the purpose – great colour, perfect length for smacking and brief enough to be worn under those short shorts!

    83 resounding smacks on the underpants and it is time for the severest and most embarrassing part of the thrashing – across Finn’s very bare bottom! I particularly enjoyed the last part of the spanking, where the lad is forced to call the number of smacks out loud – 30 spanks in all! That in itself would be a severe enough stand-alone punishment for any wayward youngster! And it brings poor old Finn’s ordeal to an end! Given time over against the wall to think about his behaviour, Finn attempts the impossible task of trying to look over his shoulder to inspect the damage inflicted on his bottom! I always find this rather amusing – not to say mildly endearing – partly because I’ve been there and got the T-shirt! The counting was a wonderful new feature – correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think we’ve seen that before at Sting! It stopped the final part of Finn’s spanking from being just a repetition of the previous sequence, which might have risked becoming a little ‘samey’ – as it was, the counting made sure that didn’t happen.

    The last still in the set is SO-O-O wonderfully cheeky! The way Finn was sitting and those short shorts just show his smackable thighs off to absolute perfection! It made me think of an old French domestic punishment, with which I’m sure many spankers will be familiar – the short, multi-thonged whip known as the martinet*, which was laid across the bottoms and the bare thighs of naughty French boys! Looking at Finn’s thighs, I would Just SO LOVE to lay my cat-o’-six tails around them – or maybe my stoutest leather belt, after the manner of a strict French dad! By the way, was that a ‘before’ or ‘after’ photograph? If ‘after’, I imagine Finn must have been squirming in his seat a bit!

    Congratulations to young Finn for one of his best performances yet! At the end, getting dressed again, the boy has the chastened look of a young scamp who knows he’s probably going to be sleeping on his tummy tonight – but he also manages to look slightly bemused, as if he can’t really believe what’s just happened to him!

    Thank you, Sting, a myriad times, for making a spanker’s dream come true! I hope others will enjoy it as much as I have!

    Cliff van Spanking PhD.

    *See photo

  3. Avatar LUKE MONROE 💋
    LUKE MONROE 💋 says:

    Im not a fan of the counting and wish Rich and Rob was leave that to the Americans and stick to their more authentic approach.