BBFC: Lazy Matyas

BBFC: Lazy Matyas

It never ceases to amaze me that lads will grab a phone and play games rather than do the chores when they are well aware of the rules.



But that’s just what Matyas is doing, he has been told to put the clean laundry away and there’s not only playing on his phone but lounging on the clean clothes. It’s no wonder that Dimitri is far from happy and gets the lad OTK for a lesson in housework, the hard way.


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Matyas looks good OTK and when he gets his trousers down after a few good swats he is wearing boxers that show him off well




A good bare as spanking and it seems the lad might just have learned a lesson, Dimitri gives him a telling off and a last reminder to make sure though.









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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Laziness is something I just cannot abide in boys and it is one thing I will always smack their bottoms especially hard for! As one or two of my own naughty boys can testify! So it was with stern approval that I watched young Matyas being laid over the knee and getting spanked hard!

Having seen this delectable young spankable getting his deliciously pert bottom skelped on only one occasion at Sting Pictures, it is the cat’s ass to see him getting a more regular spanking now at BBFC, where I imagine he is likely to become a firm favourite! His slender, boyish physique, youthful good looks and beautifully proportioned, well-rounded buttocks are sure to secure him a place in the BBFC boys’ roll of honour – and, let’s face it, a bottom like his should be smacked – severely and regularly! Why else did the gods of Spankers’ Heaven thus mould its impertinent curves?!

Well, there is no doubt about the severity of the disciplined being laid on here with Dimitri’s big hard hand! Matyas’ very vocal responses to his punishment and his pitifully ineffectual attempts to protect his cheeky bottom from the hard slaps raining down on it are eloquent testimony to a job well done on Dimitri’s part, as he administers a solid spanking, spiced with some clearly agonising ear-pulling!

There is something very spankable about the seat of a pair of combat pants well filled out and Matyas wears his very smackably! But that is nothing to what is underneath them, as this thankfully committed coloured-underpants-wearer’s boxer-briefs are revealed when the training-bottoms are pulled down! Oh, my ears and whiskers! It is quite interesting to see what look like some of the other contents of Matyas’ pants-drawer strewn across the bed, but the pair he’s wearing for this spanking could have been bought for the purpose! Just the right length for punishment, close-fitting and a great colour – navy-blue background with a very boyish lollipop pattern! Perfect spankingwear! I was glad to see this part of the punishment was lengthy and clearly painful! If the young rascal had been laying over my knee in those briefs, they would have inspired me to a very special effort indeed! The other thing I noticed last time but forgot to remark on, is the wonderful involuntary jerking of Matyas’ legs as Dimitri’s punishing hand smacks down across each cheek in turn, SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

During the final part of the smacking, as Matyas’ reddening buttocks bounce about like a couple of pink blancmanges on springs, it is clear that his suffering is unlikely to be in vain, at least in the short term. Allowed to straighten up off Dimitri’s knee, he goes about his task of putting his clothes away as submissively as you would expect that any well-spanked boy should, getting another three smacks before Dimitri finally leaves him to get on with his chores. I couldn’t help feeling rather sorry for him as he is clearly sobbing – something you don’t see very often on Jock Spank, though it always surprises me that more boys do not dissolve into tears after getting their bottoms smacked the way they do at BBFC and Sting! I am a severe and thorough spanker, and regularly reduce my lads to tears! But I am not so hard-hearted that I cannot be moved by this happening and in Matyas’ case, after the hiding he has just had from Dimitri, I think he can be forgiven! Will it teach him a lesson? I find that the lessons of spanking can be quickly forgotten by some boys – I trust that principle will apply here!!!