Sting: Teacher’s Pests (Part 2 of 3)

Teachers Pests

(Scene three)

In the third scene from Teacher’s Pests, caught fighting, Jay Sheen and Robin also find themselves on the wrong side of their Housemaster and receive a good stinging lesson in manners.






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First upended over the Master’s knee























Followed a stinging dose of the cane










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Phil Page
Phil Page
4 years ago

I very much like the pictures of the spankings. It’s good to see the spankees partially clothed as opposed to completely naked as this, in my opinion, draws more attention to the bottom when it has been exposed. What is also good with this particular set of photos is seeing the youngsters’ feet free of the floor which obviously adds to their vulnerability. Hope to see more like this in future.

4 years ago

hope part 3 dads come and spanks the teacher for spanks his son.