Sting: “Teacher’s Pests” (Part 1 of 3)

Teachers Pests

In this special length film it’s back to college and another look at the clandestine activities of the not so well behaved members of the student body.

They think they can get away with anything but soon learn that the Headmaster and his staff have other ideas. The sound of a well deserved spanking, the cane and strap, will echo rounds the halls of learning to disprove their theory!

On the receiving end are five young cheeky lads.

Robin Palmer gets another student, played by Ivan Sabado, in to trouble with Deputy Head, Mr Sharpe.

Leading to a good spanking for the unlucky lad.



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Followed by a taste of Mr Sharpe’s Strap!






Next new StingLad Alvaro Silva is caught giving his Housemaster James Holt a lot of attitude and ends up really regretting it.














Due to the special length of this video, the pictures will be posted in three parts

The video preview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube shortly


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6 years ago

love it– but i wanna know when does Marco get his cute little bottom spanked again

6 years ago

I would like see the boy tied up in the bench.

6 years ago

This new video is excellent! I just had to buy it, even though its quite expensive on my pensioner budget – but well worth the money!

Robin Palmer is his usual rebellious teenage-like self! Ivan and Alvaro two excellent new models. Jay Sheen also good value!

But if I was caning Robin, I would make him bend right over and touch his toes – he always seems to get away with just making a token effort at bending over!

6 years ago

wish this was a Hornet video!