Sting: Tales From the Headmaster’s Study – (Episode 7) “Scorched Down Under”


Featuring three of Stings top stars the latest episode in the Headmaster seriesgoes down under.


Smoking is of course strictly forbidden. Two pupil’s, played by Aaron Alton and Pavel Novy, decide to go for a quick puff in the caretaker’s room. After getting disturbed they flee, flicking the cigarette buts in to a bin. Unfortunately in turn the bin catches fire ensuring that the two lads now appear before the Headmaster to explain themselves.

For their gross stupidity the rattan cane is brought out and applied to the tight seat of their short grey trousers. These are then ordered down for some more stinging stripes applied to the boy’s bare bottoms.

However during the punishment the Head is interrupted. He instructs a senior prefect, Hunter (Luke Radley) who is also attending the session, to continue the lad’s punishment. He wastes no time in putting them both over his knee and laying on a good spanking.

This soon has them bucking and yelling as his heavy palm descends down on the boys already caned and burning bare cheeks.
After this it’s the gym slipper to make sure they understand that a reckless act like setting fire to a waste bin could have been catastrophic.

While Hunter is a good prefect he too has his weak side especially where smoking the odd joint is concerned. It was inevitable that one day he’d get caught and as fate would have it today is that day. Sent to the headmaster he is punished in the back of the common room so all the other boys will know it’s happened. He’s a big lad and a good spanking in two different positions starts off his punishment. 

This is followed by the cane and gym slipper too, almost a repeat of the earlier punishment he dished out to the hapless fire starters.
For hunter he hates getting his bare backside so painfully attacked and he especially dislikes the cane. His yells and protestations bare witness to this fact. He can dish it out but can he take it? Now he knows what it feels like to get Scorched Down Under! 


15 Responses to Sting: Tales From the Headmaster’s Study – (Episode 7) “Scorched Down Under”

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Aww that bottom pic of Luke he doesn’t look happy!
    Oh dear them stripes look viscous to me :/

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Is there acullay much OTK in this with Luke bottom I mean everything is standing these days I want to buy OTK clips as that what rocks my boat I mean next thing there be doing handstands and and jumping up and down 🙁

  3. All three boys get spanked OTK as well as being caned and slippered while bending, or, in Luke’s case, lying across the bench

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Well I only ask bout Luke as I don’t fancy other 2 yeh not much OTK then I guess that’s why I like mans hands films but they rarely update oh well maybe in another update

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    But this is still good I might download later 😉

  6. There is quite a lot pf OTK spanking in this download. There is something to please most people

  7. Hi Anon

    I am sorry I can’t let your latest comment through. I know the studio you are referring to, but do not know the circumstances of why they closed.

    Sting would never take caning to that extreme level.

  8. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    What a delightful trio. Where do Sting find these lovely boys?

  9. Rob and rich are the most lucky guys on the planet loved the download and oh brother. . . oh hang on we are lucky that they make these great mother for us!

  10. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I paid for this movie last night, but did not get the download URL. I have written asking, but no reply yet. Very keen to get it, though. This looks to be a smasher! From jimscorpio.