Sting: Tales from the Headmaster’s study” (Episode 1) – Video Trailer


Some more pictures and a video trailer from Episode One of the “Takes from the Headmaster’s study” series “Hollis and Chambers Go Wild”.   Staring Leonardo and Luke.

Video trailer

For the next week a full sized version of the trailer can be downloaded from SendSpace by
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More images from this video can be viewed by clicking here

The full length video can be obtained from the Sting site at the link below

“Hollis and Chambers go Wild”


There is a link to the Sting 18.USC.2257 declaration in the right hand column of this blog

8 Responses to Sting: Tales from the Headmaster’s study” (Episode 1) – Video Trailer

  1. The expected Sting brilliance I think.

  2. I agree. It is quite superb

  3. Beautifully crafted and produced, of course, but the same old format just with different faces. Sting is getting tired, and with competition from real lads such as the Straight Lads site offers, need to revamp their content I think.

    • I don’t think Sting is tired at all, it is just a completely different genre than studios like Straight Lads Spanked. They provide a very different product but both are valuable and enjoyable.

      I love what Sting do, and hope they carry on doing it.

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I agree with Lennox here I love Sting Pictures but I also like Straight lads spanked especially the last one! 🙂 james i think you havent bought many Sting films other wise you would know that they make more different formats and styles than any other studio on the planet and frankly stright lads as much as I like them seems to be the same room same format and same faces..No offense Mr x i like your films 🙂

    • I’ve seen every single Sting production from the very first “Grey Shorts” appeared. There is no denying that their production values are of the highest (mind you their prices are correspondingly high) and they do attempt a variety of authentic settings etc. But I still think this period schoolboy seting is a bit stale now. Nice lads, authentic school look but afte a time rather dull I think. (All this white y-fronts stuff is rather dreary too. FFS, they were going out when I was a school boy in the UK in the late 60s!) I know this will not be a popular opinon but this is a discussion board and I know I am not alone is feeling this re Sting’s output.

  5. You are entitled to your view James, although man may disagree with you. Most Studios have their style and their subject matter, this includes Straight Lads Spanked, which you mentioned previously. Some people may eventually find that dreary, it doesn’t mean they should stop!

    Sting fill a niche with their retro stories and they do it extraordinarily well, it would be a tragedy if they stopped. They are without question the best provider.

    One thing I will take exception with you over, Sting are NOT expensive for what they do. Their prices start at $7 and you can get downloads lasting an hour or more and featuring 10 or 12 different boys, for around $30, and all brilliant quality. That is not expensive.

    • Avatar Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Duane your bang on right with your observation I love stings films (and they are films) not just people with a cheap camera badly shot in a kitchen, bedroom …etc I have seen most of stings stuff right back to there first ‘Punishment book’ series and they are great value for money in terms of quality length and lads that many studios could only dream of getting. I for one will always buy from them i dont find them dreary at all unlike videos i bought from other studios which i will not name but many will know who after having bought them.