Sting Spanking Classic “Tales From The Headmaster’s Study 8”

Another Sting Spanking Classic is

Tales from the Headmaster’s Study 8

Staring Rudi Vallance, Connor Levi, Kamyk Walker and Jesse Magowen

The old saying ‘when the cats away’ (the mice will play) certainly applies to some college pupils. In his absence the Headmaster has given permission for his study to be used by the Prefects for disciplinary reasons. The atmosphere within certainly calls for that. So it is that Turner (Connor Levi) a house prefect marches young Michael Wilson (new Sting Lad Kamyk Walker) in to that room of doom to explain why he’s raided the tuck shop! He can’t of course and soon finds his way across Turners knee.

Angry that he’s let the house down Turner lays on a long hard spanking both on the boy’s tight white pants and bare bottom. Turner is pretty new to this but soon has Wilson yelping while he reddens his poor little bottom to perfection.


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Soon back from his conference the Head finds himself almost immediately dealing with another wayward lad, Henderson a senior (Rudi Vallance – in his first ever shoot for Sting) Unwisely he had seen fit to shoplift at a local store. Ordered to report to the gym Henderson is going to be dealt with in no uncertain terms.

First off, although he might be an older boy, he is going over the Headmaster’s knee for a good spanking.



Now after this humiliating experience out comes the rattan cane and swish ‘crack’ across the lads well rounded bare bottom it goes.


Now to fishish off and as the venue is the Gym a stingy rubber soled sports shoe is brought to bear.

As the slipper cracks off Henderson’s well rounded, muscular and protruding backside is raw and burning!

Henderson will think twice before he shoplifts again!

Prefects might be expected to maintain discipline but being youngsters they have their moments of bad behaviour too. Now standing in front of the Headmaster are two of them. Turner who had earlier dealt with young Michael Wilson and his accomplice in crime Magowen (Jesse Magowen) Accused of stealing alcohol from the private staff room they now have to be dealt with.


Again, although seniors, both of them get a good hard ‘over the knee’ spanking.






This is rapidly followed by a sharp taste of the gym shoe with both lads across the headmaster’s desk. One after another their bare bottoms are seared red by the stinging flat sole of the gym shoe.


The lads’ burning buttocks soon become a glowing testament to what will happen if you don’t behave, especially if you are a prefect! For all these lads these really are Days Of Discipline

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4 years ago

This was/is one of my all time favourites seeing Connor Levi with Kamyk Walker over his knee. Connor makes a good prefect and Kamyk has that perfect pained expression all the time. Both of these guys did hard core gay porn for other sites and I always felt it a pity that Hornet Pictures didn’t reunite the two of them for what could have been very hot scenes.